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Patience Jonathan is angry with me because I refused to share Rivers money with her — Amaechi

The Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, has provided rare details of what he said was the actual reason behind his long-drawn row...

The Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, has provided rare details of what he said was the actual reason behind his long-drawn row with First Lady, Patience Jonathan, saying Mrs. Jonathan had asked that state funds be corruptly shared with her.
Speaking Saturday, Mr. Amaechi said Mrs. Jonathan, an indigene of the state, became angry with him after he turned down the dubious demand.

The governor spoke in Port Harcourt at the joint graduation of the students of University of Ibadan and pioneer graduates of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education.
Recounting his role in stopping militancy in the state, the governor said the First Lady deliberately ensured militants, who had fled the state to Lagos, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, returned to fight him.
“I refused to give them money in Abuja because if I do that, I won’t be able to carry out any development project or finish the road from Rumuolumeni to Rumuepirikom.
“The quarrel between me and the wife of the President is because she said I should bring your money, Rivers people money and share with her,” he explained.
Mr. Amaechi called on the people of the state as well as members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to ensure the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, does not manipulate and rig the 2015 general elections.
Mr. Amaechi said if the PDP was allowed to rig the election and President Goodluck Jonathan, a member of the party, was voted back into office in 2015, poverty and underdevelopment would ruin the state.
“Now that you are graduates, you are now eligible voters that can use your voters’ card to change society,” he said.
“Ask yourselves this question that I have always asked Rivers people. What have we (Rivers people) done to President Jonathan that he has refused to bring any project to Rivers State. We had to fight them before they could do the East-West road.
“I had to abuse the federal government and they abused me back before they could do the work you now see on that road,” he said.
The governor alleged that Mr. Jonathan, who is from the South-South zone to which Rivers State belongs, had taken the state’s oil well from Soku to his (Jonathan) home state, Bayelsa State.
He also said 41 oil wells in Etche Local Council of the state was given to Abia State.
He asked, “Is the President or his wife from Abia State? Why do they want us to suffer? If President Jonathan comes back to power in 2015, Rivers State economy will crash.”
Mr. Amaechi lamented the consistent shortfall in oil revenue and the negative impact it had created to frustrate innocent Nigerians and urged the graduates to question the inconsistencies of the federal government in revenue sharing between it and the states.
“Graduates like you have the opportunity to ask the federal government to explain what they are doing with our money,” Mr. Amaechi advised.
“Since September this year, the federal government has not been able to pay any state from the federal allocation. They said they don’t have money. This is the first time that our president is emerging as the 6th richest person in Africa.”
He tasked the graduates to register as eligible voters ahead of the general elections.
Mr. Amaechi also blamed the failure of the Rumuolumeni Road construction project on the immediate past minister of state for education, Nyesom Wike, whom he described as incompetent.
He said the state government awarded N1.5 billion for the construction of internal roads in Rumulumeni and had already given the indigenous contractor, who is also from the area, N700 million.
“We said Rivers money for Rivers people because they don’t have capital. This man took the contract and gave it to a man who now wants to be governor.
“This man that is being backed by Mrs. Jonathan gave N250 million to the indigenous contractor and disappeared with N450 million without constructing the road. And this is the man who wants to be governor, with billboards screaming the concept of ‘New Vision’.
“What kind of vision is that for a thief? They have been thieves for too long so it cannot be new vision. The only thing that is new is that he has industrialized stealing. The former minister of state for education in a radio interview said, he ‘shedded tears’. Everyone knows there’s no word like that.”


  1. There is God oooOoooo d money we are sharing will answer. Mr governor do u come with any money no too dr is God governor na only you walker come. We shall see

  2. Mr. Gov. Amechi or or whatever u call urself, its true we hv graduated, bt know we did not spend 4yrs at the University just to be used as campaign tools for power drunks like u. Campaign with what u can ofer and not by running others down. Mr. Innocent in did.

  3. noice maker.amaechi.

  4. Wow, ahahahahahahahahaaa nigeria!

  5. u see wat he is sayin? 2moro he wil deny dat he neva say so.

  6. Its so unfortunate dat we elect boys 2 govern us n nt men. So u r tellng us dat u ve bin sharng govt moni meant 4 d pple, den u r a thief. Wher r d EFCC? Pls get in n stop washng ur dirty linen outside. Weda blackmail or nt we dnt wnt 2 hear dis. If u ve nothng beta 2 offer, den step down ok.

  7. Make una dey open una nyash, I blame the youths who have refused to realise how much power they possess. Allowing these crazy baldheads to twist our psyche each time. Is it not time we got up and crushed all these gluttons playing with our future? Even the speaker here(Amaechi) is not innocent. It's high time we got up to our own defence.

  8. Amaechi, what are u saying, the previous time u said the first lady is angry with u because u are demolishing waterside in PH, now u are saying again that she asked u to share Rivers money with her. Stop all this ur braggadocios.

  9. A house divided against itself shall not STAND!!!
    Nigerians Be Warned! Be Wise!

  10. 2015 election drama just dey begin. Please don't touch the dial, just stay tuned on this medium for mor action packed drama.

  11. this guy or boy is a fool for this type of allegation, it was in the old days that a wife will lied against an innocent fellow that husband will belief not now . noise maker why cant you say is GEJ that is asked you for money??? mumu

  12. The money was then shared in ebola containment. 1.16b naira in just one month!

  13. Why coming up with this allegation now? or is it because you want to campain for another election which you feel your records has a dent and you are trying to looking for a fruadulent way of staining another person's for your own glory sake? common Mr. Ameachi grow up, you don't bite the finger that made you, sorry is your name, your mouth is just running up and down in these few days, that is how you make noise last week that is because there is no job for Nollywood to do that is why they go into acting and that you gave them money. Let me tell you, you are using your own mouth to destroy yourself, i have told you, he concern you period! somebody like me cannot vote for any APC members and i have my reasons therefore, allow the sleeping dog to lie down

  14. Mr Amaechi you are not a saint too just do the work afterall your time is running up. Stop disrespecting those in authority because it will surely come back to you. Must you comment publicly about the family of the number one citizen of Nigeria. There is God oh ooooo

  15. Gov Amaechi, you started well but ended too badly. Rivers people are grossly dissappointed in the way you are heading. These days you talk like a child! I wonder where all these childishness are coming from? No more respects for the office of the President. Well, they said, when a dog is heading to doom/death it does not perceive fowl smell. Maybe, this is applicable to you. Remeber, GEJ will surely pursue you to a dead end when he re-enters office 2015. Be wise!

  16. Amaechi, we are really disappointed by your tantrums lately. It is clear that you are but a little boy. Assuming your allegation is true, it is obvious that you cannot keep secret. You are not trustworthy. If you were a medical doctor, the day your patients offends you, you will head to the rooftop and blow all that was discussed with you in confidence. APC please beware, there are children in your part, mind what you disclose to them, else they will one day stand in the playground and tell all that cares to listen that you have a calabash (hyena) between your ties. AMAECHI, WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT !!!!

  17. When I read all Ur poste i am encouraged to believe Nigeria Will ne Great again. Dont let any hungry power tasty thief deceive You.

  18. Amaechi, The River State House of Assembly have given you 19 Billion Naira to fight Jonathan. Why still make so much noise. As the Governor of River State have solve all the problems in River State, then why talk about Jonathan, from your statements so you want to tell us you are saint. My Brother, it is better to do more and talk less, a wise-man listen more than to talk.

  19. amaechi,you talk too much.its this how you run your home? Shame on you for making such a statement.

  20. How could we know that you guys are recklessly using our money this way if you don't reveal it by yourself. One day all of you will be judged with all the looting.

  21. Amaechi God will judge you, all this game u are playing, u must surely reap what ever u sow, except God is not alive. Be running your mouth always.


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