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5 Sensations That You Have To Control Watching A Game In Which You Have Bet

  Who are you kidding? You know very well that watching a live football match, in which you have a bet, is a roller coaster of emotions that...


Who are you kidding? You know very well that watching a live football match, in which you have a bet, is a roller coaster of emotions that is about to end in maximum drama more than once. Since knowledge is power, you better know a few tricks and know the five states of mind that you will suffer in your flesh while watching a game in which you have a bet according to this melbet review.


They are those moments just before the game starts. Usually, you have already placed your bets at that moment, and you are very clear that today you win YES OR YES. Enjoy these moments strongly because they are the only ones who are going to live calmly and, if you allow us the advice, there are two things that you never have to do in this phase.

The first is to come upstairs and start sharing what you have bet with your colleagues, and they will copy your bets! Or worse, they will laugh at you if you lose. And the second is that it does not give you a fit of optimism, and you start betting more by letting yourself be carried away by emotion, at least wait for the game to start.

Stress, A Lot, A Lot Of Stress

As it is, you hear the kickoff of the game, and all that optimism turns into tons of stress. So much so that your heart goes faster than Mbappé playing in the field, you are more pissed off than Ramos since he found out that they were putting the Var in Spain, and you are more afraid than a Spanish coach on the Real Madrid bench. We will have a cocktail of emotions that will not lead you to make a good decision; you better calm down because this will last for a long time.


Without a doubt, you usually experience another emotion as soon as you start the ball rolling on the field. Many emotions were accumulated, and you unintentionally already thought that you would win this bet on the first play of the game. Friend, the game lasts 90 minutes, at least, so you better control your frustration because, in a game, anything can happen. 

Maximum Joy

This emotion is what you experience when your bet coincides with the result taking place at that moment. And we do say at that time because this is football, and you know that things can end entirely differently.

Basically, in these moments, you have to do one thing. Shut up, and don't tell the four winds that you have bet on that result. Because as the game doesn't end like this (which is quite likely), your brother-in-law is going to remind you every day in that WhatsApp group that you have together and that you still don't know why you haven't left. Ah! And don't come up to me either and start betting more money. If you lose the punch in the end, it will be twice as big.

The Go-to Moment

It is the other feeling that you live if your bet is nothing like the result that is happening "right now." In those moments, you want to yell at the TV, insult someone on Twitter, break something. Look, all those things seem acceptable to us, but please, what you never do is cancel your bet. Because as the stars cross, the game of a turnaround, and your forecast is given, you will regret your whole life having backed down. And you know it!


Have a lime, do yoga, pop those plastic bubbles from the packaging material, eat pipes, do that thing that relaxes you or keeps your mind occupied because you need to be calm not to mess it up. And if you can't be calm, then don't watch the game and END OF THE STORY.