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#EkitiGate Scandal: Tope Aluko cries out - 'My life is in danger for exposing Ekiti election rigging'

Dr. Temitope Aluko, the embattled secretary of the Ekiti state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party who blew the whistle on the all...

Dr. Temitope Aluko, the embattled secretary of the Ekiti state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party who blew the whistle on the alleged rigging of the 2014 governorship election in Ekiti State yesterday alleged that his life was under threat.

NigerianEye recalls that Aluko on Sunday was on air on 'Politics Today' a programme on Channels Televison on Sunday, where he gave a breakdown of how the 2014 Ekiti governorship election was rigged in favour of the PDP governorship candidate, now Governor, Ayodele Fayose.

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Dr. Temitope Aluko, who on Sunday spoke of how former President Goodluck Jonathan allegedly gave Governor Ayo Fayose $37 million to prosecute the election and directed that the military should facilitate victory for the then PDP candidate, said he escaped from the hands of “fake security men” on Sunday night.

He also indicted many politicians and military chiefs.

But Fayose described him as desperate and denied the allegations.

Also yesterday, All Progressives Congress (APC) urged the government to prosecute all the people indicted by the ex-PDP chief.

A human rights lawyer, Morakinyo Ogele also called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to probe the $37m allegedly given to Fayose by Jonathan.

Aluko said yesterday: “After the live television interview on Politics Today on Channels Television on Sunday at about 9.30 pm, my attention was drawn to the presence of some operatives supposedly from the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), seeking to effect my arrest.

“However, having passed though the same route before, my instinct immediately told me that something was amiss. I made some calls and found out that there was no such order to effect my arrest by the office of the IGP or from any other security agency for that matter.

“I was later made to understand that the ‘fake’ security agents were actually miscreants posing as security men and acting on the orders of Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose to get rid of me at all cost.

“I must let Nigerians know that I have made a resolution to let the whole world know what transpired during the Ekiti 2014 governorship poll.”

The Ekiti APC, in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, called on the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami (SAN) to prosecute all those named in the Ekiti 2014 election rigging drama.

The party said it had twice petitioned the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice on the matter, stressing that the revelations by PDP secretary had made it imperative that the nation’s chief law officer must act now.

Olatunbosun said the election fraud crisis had refused to go despite all shenanigans by Fayose, who he said was the biggest beneficiary of the election fraud that created a blight on Nigeria’s international image.

The APC spokesman said even though there was nothing new in the PDP Secretary’s revelations, he noted, however, that it had become pertinent to prosecute the suspects as the revelations were again emanating from the insider who participated fully in what is now known as Ekitigate.

“By Aluko’s revelations, we are justified in our claim that our candidate, Dr Kayode Fayemi, never lost that election, but was criminally toppled by a coup d’etat orchestrated by Fayose in cahoots with President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration that illegally deployed money and the military to ensure victory for Fayose.

“It is interesting that more names are coming up in the biggest election scam ever witnessed in Nigeria with the alleged participation of Ifeanyi Ubah of the infamous Transformation Agenda for Nigeria (TAN), a shadowy campaign group for former President Jonathan in the fraud. No wonder Ubah was compensated with a honorary Fellow by Fayose at the Ekiti State College of Education for a job well done.”

Ubah denied ever giving Fayose money for the election.

Olatunbosun went on: “It is in the light of this that we are calling on the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation to prosecute all the suspects in the election fraud for treasonable felony to preserve the integrity of the Nigerian Constitution.”

The APC said President Muhammadu Buhari should use Ekiti election “fraud” case to convince Nigerians that official impunity and fraud would not have a place in Nigeria under his watch.

“We have seen the Army already tackling the military aspect of the Army Probe Panel report. We expect the police and attorney general of the federation to also toe the line in coming out with the civilian component of the probe report and act accordingly.

“The military men were mere agents used by Fayose to rig the election. Some of the officers implicated in Fayose’s crime had been recommended for various sanctions, including losing their jobs while others are to face prosecution by the EFCC and court martial, according to the military rules and administrative procedure.

“These military men should not be made to suffer alone for the crime committed in conjunction with Fayose and his fellow conspirators in PDP who are still working free as if there is no law in this country,” he said.

Olatunbosun berated Fayose’s media aides, Lanre Ogunsuyi and Lere Olayinka, for claiming that Captain Koli’s audio tape was a forgery, saying, however, that it was gratifying that Fayose, who also first denied his voice on the tape, later admitted that it was his.

“If the Ekiti audio tape was a forgery as they alleged, were the appearances of Koli and Tope Aluko also forgeries?” he said.

Noting that Fayose had always mouthed his readiness to wave his immunity to face prosecution over alleged crimes, he said now was the time to wave that immunity to face prosecution on the electoral fraud.

He insisted that APC would not accept anything short of comprehensive review of the Ekiti State election saga, even as he urged Nigerians to prevail on the Minister of Justice to compel Fayose to explain to the world what he meant by saying that he collected INEC soft copies and got them printed as captured in Captain Sagir Koli’s tape detailing all activities connected with Ekiti poll rigging.

“Besides Fayose talking on the tape about how INEC gave him soft copies that he printed to win the election, the minister of justice must also compel the governor, who spoke on election result collation in the tape, to tell Nigerians which election result he was collating in Efon-Alaye on June 19, 2014, two clear days before the June 21, 2014 governorship election,” Olatunbosun concluded.

Ogele urged Fayose to resign from office within seven days “because the election that brought him to office was highly compromised”.

He vowed to approach the Federal High Court if Fayose fails to resign to seek a declaration that the election is null and void by reason of the latest facts and figures released by Fayose’s former right-hand man.

The activist-lawyer also challenged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to explain its own side of the story following the alleged sharing of N1 billion by its officials to compromise the Ekiti poll.

“They have the statutory power to probe this fraud; they should look into it to ascertain whether it is part of the arms money diverted and shared among many people. If truly the Federal Government is determined to fight corruption, EFCC, as a matter of urgency, should comb Ekiti for this gigantic fraud.”


  1. Buhari shud leave ekiti alone. Inasmuch as evidence abound; fayose shud be left alone. He is doing the wishes and bidding of ekiti people.

    1. Very daft and senseless comment. A man has committed a crime which is wide open to the whole world and you said he should be left alone...I doubt if you've got any sense at all. It is people like you who are seriously preventing this country from moving forward. SHAME ON YOU!

    2. You're not schooled at all. See the terrible comment you're typing. How can Buhari overlook a scandal as huge as this. How one ever satisfy you fragile hearted lots.

    3. Fayose boy...Why are you answering Fredrick Uduoba....? You this Salami Fayose

    4. How stupid can you be! What has Buhari got to do with this? It's about the law of the land! These are criminals and they must answer to the law of the land not Buhari, don't be daft!

    5. That's the sycophantic Nigerian talking. Maybe Fayose has been loading the first commentator's stomach with his illicit infrastructure! The day of reckoning will surely come and the likes of Fayose will face the wrath of justice. Olisa Metuh thought he was untouchable...

    6. Long I read folish people liike jay jay, damilola, and some stupid anonymous goats. Which of the party didn't share money? Which of them didn't rig elections? Fools in paradise

    7. Is it only in ekiti state elections were rigged? Animals! Come to the north and see children of 9 - 12 voting endlessly. You cowards! Diffrent currencies were being shared during the elections in kaduna, its only in yoruba land a brother will betray anoda brother. Goat people like damigoat and jayfool will sit somewhere and analyse from their ass. Idiots

    8. Hey that doesn't elude the fact that the ones caught should face the music...this will serve as better example..ure the one in fools paradise my broad because u wanna stay a fool and live by its cause

    9. Hey! That does not elude the fact that the ones caught must face the music...this will serve as a reminder that there is law and you're the one in a fools Paradise since you want to remain a fool and live by its cause from the politicians..

  2. This Aluko ia a complete useless and irresponsible man. Fayose is now justified for not making him the Chief of Staff. A man with volte-face attitude cannot be entrusted with serious post. Well, as events are unfolding...

  3. This aluko is a big fool let the scandal investigation start from him more over i see all this probe as witch hunt towards Pdp. efcc should as well open amaechi file so the breeze will open the anus of a fowl as well. All na the same pple with new cloth. Rubbish

    1. Let's talk about the law not witch hunting! If you fall short of the law you answer to it. Remember Aluko is a PDP man and not APC, no need to be biased! Besides, he is the first person to be prosecuted, I'm sure he knows that too!

  4. Damilola, u don't talk like that to somebody. It is because Aluko was not appointed the post he wanted dats why he was saying those rubbish things. Was he not in Nigeria since 2014? My broda leave the matter . it is just a way to silence fsyose and they will neva succeed ijn.

    1. Treachery is bad and evil but though the words that result from it is true. Aluko has exposed this evil it will be only foolish for us to look at that ugly part and not listen to the evidence of this allegations. "Even white pap is prepared from a black pot"

  5. I think Aluko exposed all what happened cos he had dispute with Fayose, it is common with Nigeria political terrain.
    Nonetheless, let d investigation starts, at least to bring to limelight what really transpired, either true or false.
    More so, if it found out to be true, Aluko shud also feel d wrath of the law.

    1. The law will tamper Justice with mercy if Aluko words stands as the truth because he has exposed evil and his sentence/punishment will not be as grevious as others involved who have denied. This will encourage snitch on evil.

  6. We can all see how our bad situation has degenerated our mindset if not, I am amazed by the comment of Fredrick. How much did you get from that money. I am very sure you are jobless and probably broke but you still support huge crime being committed against the country Nigeria. Do you know in other country, there would have been bloodshed for all these crimes?

  7. You think Lai Mohammed will be happy with you. You want to unseat him in lying and raising false alarms.
    You must have attended the school of APC

  8. So when you were giving your witness in supreme court you were simply lying and misleading the Judges. In fact, your saying all these is an after thought. You ought to be prosecuted for misleading the court if that is the case. Mumu ! Olori Buruku! Were Ni ye!

    1. That's an inhumane way of talking to someone old enough to be your father. If you wanna get there then never you abuse people there or else you will stay poor. Go check history

  9. Both Tope Aluko and Fayose, including all the bandits should be investigated. They are all menace to our society.

  10. You all that were saying, hw were u pple sure of the allegation . all are rumour

  11. This is a serious issue Nigerians should not let it go just like that, bpth of them should face the wrought of the law. Since 2014 he kept quiet and now that a trailer of power and position passed and divided them into two he now went to the television station and started saying rubbish. They should all face the music and dance to the turne.

  12. All this thras emanating is common to our political system,so am not surprised...just wait until people that feels they ought to get something in this present govt get shortchanged,then all bell will break loose...

  13. can TKO tell us how the election was rigged?was there a fake result or fake voting?was there a time INEC announce wrong results?

    is TKO trying to let the world know that PDP spent money for the election?

    all APC stake holders were not allowed to move freely to rig the election according to what TKO said and what I witnessed too, APC were ready to share money and anything byable cos Mr. Oge (APC)was caught with remaining N2.8m to be shared and many of them.

    Oga TKO please tell us riiging you claimed here.

  14. Dr. TKO as you are popularly called, you can lie o, I could remember you told us in class in 2005 in UNAD bus Admin that if a mad man is coming with cutlass we too should come with same and not that you will be claimimg law while the madman killed you,You ruined so many peoples life in Bus Admin and UNAD in general-fake admissions,fake 2:1s and so on.

    is it that you are now born again?

    1. Aluko did not solicit for the students to have 2:1 or beg them to come have fake admission. They ruined thier this life you get whatever you want if you seek deeply for it either the wrong way or the right way they went the wrong way got it and got the consequence that followed


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