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Nigerian Senate orders immediate reversal of new electricity tariff

The Senate on Tuesday directed the immediate reversal of the recent hike in electricity tariff announced by the Nigerian Electricity Regu...

The Senate on Tuesday directed the immediate reversal of the recent hike in electricity tariff announced by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The upper chamber, gave the directive while adopting a two-prayer motion moved by the All Progressives Congress member representing Bauchi North, Senator Suleiman Nazif.

The senate also asked its committee on Labour to carefully review the law establishing NERC with a view to making it a strong regulatory body that will ensure that both the consumer and investor will be treated fairly and equitably.

It also mandated the committee on Employment, Labour and Productivity to organise a public hearing of stakeholders, including the Ministry of Power; the NERC; DISCOS; and GENCOS so that an acceptable way of resolving all issues relating to the sector could be effectively resolved.

Nazif lamented the alleged arbitrary increase of the tariff and insisted that due process was not followed as stipulated in Section 76 of the Power Sector Reform Act 2005.

He also argued that the new tariff would have a multiplier effect on the Nigerian economy with the manufacturing companies being forced to pay more for power consumption.

He added that most consumers were not provided with meter in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding dated November 1, 2013.

According to him, the document stipulated that within 18 months of gestation period, all consumers would have been provided with meter.

He further accused the Discos of continuously exploiting Nigerians and increasing their burdens.

He said, “The distribution companies have continued to exploit Nigerians by estimated billing system for the majority of consumers while deliberately refusing to make ore-paid meters available.

“Privatisation in any part of the world is meant to inject fresh funds into the concerned sector and not to impose ridiculous tariff on helpless masses.

“The increase is only intended to protect the investment of select few and not to serve the interest of Nigerian masses who are already battling with the prevailing economic recession. The increase in tariff will pave way for additional heavy burden on consumers and coupled with challenges in the economy.

“It will adversely affect the purchasing power of Nigerian workers and the entire Nigerian masses and by extension, aggravate restiveness in the country.”

Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, described the increase as wicked and unfortunate.

He said the new tariff should be randomly condemned and immediately withdrawn in the interest of hapless citizens of Nigeria.

He added that troubling the citizens who are already wallowing in abject poverty and acute state of insecurity, should not be encumbered with further hike in electricity tariff unless there is a plan to frustrate the the people.

Also speaking on the motion, Senator Dino Melaye (Kogi West), said the recent increase was the fourth since the privatisation exercise was concluded.

He added that whereas Discos always hinge such increase on moves to improve power supply, yet there is no stable power supply neither are metres made available.


  1. Well said.i don't know why some selected individuals enjoy adding to the problem of the masses.there is already hike in prices of food consumption to top it up with increase in electricity taffif.haba!!! Make Una pity the low income earners

  2. We were told dat soon as d apc gets power wit a wave of hand all our problems will disappear. Just wondering how pathetic d economy has become and der seem no answer 2 d begging questions power sector has collapsed totally imagine d proposed PHCN tariff. Just thinking aloud.

  3. Senators should not disrupt the strategies of the executive arm.

    I suggest the legislative arm make the following laws:
    1) Prohibit citizens from having access to power without an energy consumption meter
    2) Establish an independent agency that verifies complaint made by Energy supply company or consumers on deliberate manipulation of meter counting factor/stealing of energy
    3) Enforce public listing of all DISCOs at the NSE - ensures profit made is somewhat redistributed to the public.

    Let our focus should always be a fair conducive environment, then allow market forces play.

    1. Did you read that meters were supposed to be made available 18 months from 2013?
      Who are those stealing power? Is it those who randomly give bills refusing to disburse meters or those bearing the brunt of paying for darkness?

    2. Are u a Nigerian? Are u aware many have paid for the meter that was supposed to be free yet they have not got it.

  4. This is thé hand work of Fashola .hé is too elite for thé masses.

  5. I have always opined that That man called Fashola is a sadist who does not see the pains of Nigerians even when he was the governor of Lagos state. Please legislatures do the needfull.

  6. Disco's should be asked how much they have made from the debts owned to Nepa. Because they have collected so much money owned to Nepa from few consumers they have metered. That money is enough to generate the energy we need.

  7. It looks like there is a deliberate frustration from Discos to make power supply disappeared so as to justify the power hike, because my area is now in total darkness compared to what it used to be.

    1. Same in my area. God help us in dis country. Gone are d days dat students fight for our right etc nothing of such anymore, even activist not functioning anymore, talkless of human right or d so call confuse NLC. It is now "Everyman for himself, God be for us all" well, it is very unfortunate dat students or student union is not like wat it used to be wayback due to all dis introduction of private University known as advance secondary school. When a so call University student of such schools has no independence to him or herself talkless of taking decission. God save us. I rest my case.....

  8. Well spoken,kudos to Senators, at last they have woken up. The masses are waiting for the immediate reversal. God bless Nigeria

  9. We were grumbling coz of payment of bill for light wey person no see, and now somebody in his wisdom came to increase tariff without tackling the epileptic power supply first. I just tire for this over zealous APC govt.


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