EFCC has recovered billions of stolen funds - Magu

The Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Ibrahim Magu yesterday said the agency has recovered billions of stolen funds.

He said the anti-corruption war is “the war of the people.”

He also said that “apart from the fear of God, we have no other fear.”

Magu, who made the submissions in an address to a coalition of Civil Society Groups who marched to EFCC for a solidarity rally, said senior lawyers were frustrating the war against corruption.

He however said the days of impunity are over.

He said: “ We want the Nigerian people to continue to support us, continue to support Mr. President’s war on corruption.

“We have many corruption cases in court. We are getting them every day from everywhere and we are recovering stolen money and taking corrupt people to court.

“ The money we have recovered and the money we are going to get back from them -billions and billions of Naira- is being paid back to government and will be used to do what it was originally meant for -to build hospitals, send our children to school, build roads and railways, create employment and defend our country.

“ We have no other country than Nigeria. This war is the war of the people.

“ Apart from the fear of God, we have no other fear. Apart from the interest of Nigeria, we have no other interest. And apart from the Rule of Law, we have no other rule guiding the work we are doing today. The days of impunity are over.

Victory is certain for the common man! Aluta continua!”

Magu expressed regrets that some senior lawyers had been frustrating the war against corruption.

He added: “One of the big challenges we have in the effective prosecution of the war on corruption, is that of very senior lawyers who Nigeria has been very kind to: They who went to good schools here, when Nigeria was good, many of them, on government scholarship; they who Nigeria has given so much opportunity.

“When we have corruption cases, cases of people who have stolen food from the mouths of our children; when we have cases of people who have stolen money meant to build hospitals and buy drugs; when we have cases of people who have stolen all the money meant to buy guns for our soldiers to fight Boko Haram, when we have all these cases of wicked people who have stolen Nigeria’s money, they run to these same senior lawyers, give them part of the stolen money and mobilise them to fight us, to delay us in court and to deny Nigerians of justice.

“ These are the people who do not want justice for the common man.

“ The other day, 34 Senior Advocates of Nigeria fought against only one small EFCC lawyer in court and he defeated all of them! What we are doing today is not by our power, it is the power of the Nigerian people and the power of God behind us!”

The EFCC chairman debunked insinuations that the EFCC does not follow the rule of law.

He said: “ Corrupt people hire journalists to abuse us every day, they say we are not doing the work according to the law. But, that is not true.

“There is no agency that follows the law more than EFCC. None. Before we arrest you, or seize your property or do anything to you, we check the law, we go to court and get court order. That is why we are winning; that is why we are defeating them everyday.”
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  1. We re praying for God guidance n may he protect u fm d hands of the wicked people

  2. Good. Where is the information about what has been recovered published?

  3. We know you have recovered so much money. Pls tell us how much you have recovered so far.

    1. If you are waiting for them to tell u how much they have recovered,then u will wait in vain,cuz its either they have recovered notin,or they want to re loot what they have purportedly recovered...

  4. Thank you if sincerely you meant that this people would not covered up in your government. Do you that Nigerians are very patient if comes to taking right measures to get us out of the mess our past leaders have created. Please go ahead and God would strengthen you and asist because once people start getting sigh of relief there wouldn't be any hiding place for sinners. You're welcome

  5. If all the purported stolen funds be recovered will it redeem the fate of Nigeria in this present administration? What Nigeria is suffering from is not as a result of stolen funds but bad economic policies and lack of planning. More enough money was stolen in previous administration but they were able to cope with the situation and made things happen for good.

    The country was made bankrupt before PDP took over power and managed the situation perfectly. Why is the game so different with APC in power. We are tired of lies, APC do something and stop leading Nigeria to a journey of no return.


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