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New twists and turns as gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji gets her blog restored back by Google

Popular gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji early this morning around (12:05am) got her blog restored back by google. It can be recalled that,...

Popular gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji early this morning around (12:05am) got her blog restored back by google.

It can be recalled that, The popular Nigerian blogger who blogs at was shut down by Google for 24 hours due to a claim about alleged plagiarism/copyright infringement by a cybersquatter with the twitter handle ‘AyeDee.’

Prior to its shutdown, Linda Ikeji, emerged one of the most successful online entrepreneurs in Nigeria, and has been rated amongst Nigeria’s most influential young women.

Early Friday morning she took to her Twitter page to share the news to her followers.

She tweeted...

'And Google restores . I hear it's a record. Normally it takes weeks or months to restore a deleted blog. But not LIB.'

'They found out the claims were bogus& deliberate sabotage. Happy to get my blog back. Thanks to all the guys at Google who worked tirelesly'

Google restores LIB 24hrs after deleting it based on bogus claims. They usually don't do this. I feel so blessed and so loved. Thanks LIBers'

NE checks revealed that Linda was not expecting Google to restore her blog so quick, so she already created a new website

A new twist to the copyright infringement saga however emerged on Thursday, as Linda in a blog post on her website revealed that AyeDee who reported her to Google and threatened to sue was a long lost friend with the cyber name: Alex 1976AD

In a conversation she put on her blog monitored by NigerianEye, she revealed how the perceived enemy AyeDee (Alex 1976) secretly gave the reasons for attacking her blog as personal reasons

She said; '

That’s the shocking real story. Mr dear friend Alex 1976AD aka Mr Aye Dee wanted to be back in my life and he felt the best way to get my attention again was to shut down a blog I’ve slaved for almost eight years. And because he knew what to do and had the resources, he succeeded. Google let him succeed.

Linda Ikeji
who is in her mid-30's is still single, and with the bitter-sweet experience in the last 24 hours, Mr Alex 1976AD aka Mr Aye Dee may just be the one to take Miss Ikeji on a gentle walk down the aisle.

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  1. Advice to LINDA -Buy a domain name and host your own blog. Thats how to avoid CONTROL by anybody. I know because I own 2 blogs.


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