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The Federal Government is to receive Nano Silver trial drug for the treatment of Ebola Virus Disease patients, it was learnt.

The drug is from a Nigerian scientist living in the diaspora.

Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu said yesterday at a Press Briefing in Abuja said it has been used experimentally for many things.

A Nigerian contagious disease expert, Dr. Simon Agwale, had said that Nano Silva had proven effective against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. “It may be also a source of a cure” for Ebola patients, Agwale said.

Nano Silva oral, according to, is a dietary supplement providing nano (10nm) scaled silver particles in pure hydro solution.

Reports confirm that Nano Silva Oral kills the deadliest bacteria tested so far.

US major universities like UC Davis, Kansas, UT have proven the effectiveness of the product in killing thousands of strains of Staphaureus, T.B, Strepaureus, E. Colli, Salmonella, yeast and even anthrax spores and so on.

Nano Silva Oral is the only non-toxic product-proven to kill anthrax spores. Test reveal successful efficacy of Nano Cell Silver in combating malaria, bird flu among others.

Nano Ag+ ruptures and penetrates the cell wall membranes and interacts with sulphur and phosphorous compounds of DNA, inhibiting the replication of bacteria.

The strong positive ionic charge of silver enhances additional bactericidal effect, thereby killing the bacteria totally.

The other well known experimental drug is ZMapp, which was given earlier to two Americans infected with virus.

WHO opened the door for experimental Ebola drugs earlier this week, after a panel of ethicists it convened condoned such treatments because of the challenges of controlling the outbreak that has killed more than 1,000 people.

The Health minister told journalists in Abuja that Nigeria had so far recorded four Ebola deaths. The four are Sawyer, who is the index case, two nurses and an ECOWAS protocol officer, Jatto Abdulqudir .

Chukwu said, “Out of these, four have died and six are currently under treatment. It is important to note that the number of confirmed cases remains 10 as of today (Thursday).

“The fourth death recorded today (Thursday) was a nurse, who participated in the initial management of the index case(Sawyer).

“The total number of persons under surveillance in Lagos is now 169. These are all secondary contacts as all the primary contacts have completed the 21-day incubation period and have been delisted to resume their normal lives.”

He added that Enugu State has six persons under surveillance because 15 out of those quarantined after complete evaluation were found not to have had any contact with a nurse who allegedly disobeyed medical advice and travelled to Enugu.

He said the nurse, who was “a primary contact of the index case who became symptomatic and tested positive and is one of the 10 confirmed cases.”

Chukwu said,” The nurse who had been placed under surveillance in Lagos disobeyed the Incidence Management Committee and travelled to Enugu.

“At the time she made the trip, she was yet to show any symptom and did not infect anyone on her way as transmission of the disease is only possible when a carrier of the virus becomes ill.

“However, she has since been brought back to Lagos. Before her return journey, she had become symptomatic and had to be conveyed to Lagos with her spouse in special ambulances.

“The husband is not symptomatic neither is he positive for the EVD but he has been quarantined given the intimate contact with her while in Enugu. It is therefore important to emphasise that there is no EVD in Enugu State.

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  1. Good news! We can do it, I b/l we hv what it takes let not depend on others for ours. By the grace of God it will be perfect drug for the cure IJN.

    1. I wouldnt believe everything. The z mapp killed 42 people it was tried on. Nano silver is an herbal formula for an antibiotic. This makes no sense for man made ebola. Too many lies going around

  2. As the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, I first notified the Minister of Health and the President of Nigeria that Nano Silver 10 PPM was effective against Ebola in an Open Letter to those officials and their opposite numbers in Liberia, Sierra Leone and GuInea.
    see .
    We are very pleased that a "Nigerian scientist has developed a Nano Silver drug against Ebola" and celebrate that the Ebola epidemic will end, but wonder why our well-referenced communication was not responded to in any way by Nigeria's officials.
    The same information was posted on 125 Nigerian websites and blogs.
    There was, again, not one response.
    We rejoice that Nigeria will end its Ebola experience, but grieve the 11 who died when the information was in the hands of the officials and others.
    I welcome any comments. My email is
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation

    1. "We rejoice that Nigeria will end its Ebola experience, but grieve the 11 who died when the information was in the hands of the officials and others".
      Please correct this impression , it's only 3 people and the Liberian-American terrorist Patrick Sawyer that have died so far....With God in control, the ebola death toll in Nigeria will never get to 11 before it is brought to absolute stop.

  3. Oh really good news but I still think it should be used first and let see the result on the affected persons,. Ebola news is not even showing on CNN anymore, am proud to be a Nigerian!, I hope this medic work!.atleast the USA will credit us for a job well done! Rip to those ones who dead of the deadly Ebola. And a quick recovery to those on their sick bed!

  4. Ha,, you think CNN reporters don't want to be saved,, the matter pass all man,, CNN have to run,,

    Lets prove to the world once again,, Nigeria great country,,,
    The LORD will help us he promised

  5. Nigerians Say thanks Mr President(GEJ) and the Minister of Health for your urgent response and effort to curb this Ebola Menace , if other West countries stoodup like Nigerian the dead toll wouldnot have risen so high. Nigerians are watching ur tireless and relentless effort in fighting for common Nigerians to have hope, Continue and God bless GEJ, Minister of Health and Entire Nigerians

  6. This man don't come with his own As a doctor you know the right thing to do. You cannot rush to the media looking for people to exploit. For me anybody can put up anything on the web and that is why the web is for everybody but it only the discerning minds that will really benefit from using the web. People will now keep rushing there and at least buy card or register with some amount A bi ! I am sure the doc is regularly checking the number of people so that he will know how much money that is already in his kitty. Government should please clampdown on all these people likely to take advantages of the Ebola crisis for selfish gains cos such people are more dangerous than Ebola itself. For example a number of people have died because of excessive salt intake which was circulated as a remedy for the disease.Just imagine people dying carelessly applying dangerous self help.This attitude must stop and government must prosecute anybody or group found to be spreading false rumour or spreading false alarm.

  7. We give thanks to God for the discovery of Nano Silver by a Nigerian. Pee-Medical.

  8. We thank God Almighty for this good news. I know God will never forsake Nigeria. At least a Nigerian scientist discovered the cure for Ebola. Long live Nigeria.

  9. alihamdulihi for his mercy finally we can put our mind at rest ''ebola ko ebola ni'' proud to be a nigerian #naija4life

  10. lets see the outcome of the drug usage first before we sing its praises

  11. I own the machine that produces the solution since 2010 and have produced and used the solution for different illness. If you google it online, it is all over there, so it is not new. Just that the powers that bee have done everything they can to suppress it for their multi-billion dollar conventional medicine.

    1. This is true. Many have been using this for a VERY long time now and are already stocked up on this. As other things that MAY work. Why is a natural antibiotic supposedly working which is what this is? If antibiotics were not. And the discovery of nano silver was made by a person long ago. I agree...

  12. Gullible Nigerians has started again o! Even when a Doctor that was placed on this trial drugs die recently yet so MUMU persons has started celebrating the "end of EBOLA". In the early and middle 90s when EBOLA kill many persons in ZAIRE- now DR CONGO, there was no cure yet the spread of the disease was halted by only God knows method, So i believe time will stop the epidermic
    / pandemic call EBOLA.

  13. Gullible Nigerians has started again o! Even when a Doctor that was placed on this trial drugs die recently yet so MUMU persons has started celebrating the "end of EBOLA". In the early and middle 90s when EBOLA kill many persons in ZAIRE- now DR CONGO, there was no cure yet the spread of the disease was halted by only God knows method, So i believe time will stop the epidermic
    / pandemic called EBOLA and not one MUMU NANO SILVER or MICRO GOLD RUBBISH.

    1. Need to hear more from you. We have to take some of these news more scientifically.

  14. I am dr onokun the great spell caster that have cured different disease of different kind like cancer, tuberculosis, HIV e.t.c including the new ebola virus, i can also give you protection against any disease. i have be tested and me and your problem will over or +23407062580399. please beware of scam.

  15. Why is this discovery not on CNN? I would think any advancement to cure Ebola would make headline news?

  16. It's totally against the law for anyone to claim Nano Silver has any medicinal purpose. They at one time tried to ban it as an Insecticide in the US.


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