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PDP’s plan to impeach me will fail – Amaechi

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has alleged plan by the Peoples Democratic Party to impeach him for defecting to the All Progressive...

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has alleged plan by the Peoples Democratic Party to impeach him for defecting to the All Progressives Congress and said that the plot would fail.

Amaechi described the move by the PDP to oust him through the State House of Assembly as senseless and unnecessary, adding that the PDP would not be able to persuade the state lawmakers to impeach him.

The governor said on Sunday that he already had 26 members of the State House of Assembly that were on his side and pointed out that it would be difficult for the remaining five lawmakers in the House to remove him from office.

Amaechi, who spoke through the Chief of Staff Government House, Port Harcourt, Chief Tony Okocha, said the governor had not committed any impeachable offence.

He said, “It is very impossible for the governor to be impeached. The impeachment plot, if it is real will definitely fail. How can five lawmakers impeach a governor in a House of 31 members?

“They (PDP) are groping in the dark and they will soon realise that they are embarking on a wild goose chase because not even one of the 26 lawmakers will listen to any impeachment plot.”

Also, the Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assemby, Mr. Leyii Kwanee, said that none of the 26 members of the State House of Assembly would succumb to any pressure to impeach Amaechi.

Kwanee explained that majority of the lawmakers were obligated to continue to support the governor till the end, adding that Amaechi’s position was aimed at protecting the future of the people of the state.

He said, “Rivers State is already a bad market for any committee that will come to persuade us (lawmakers) to impeach the governor.

“We, the pro-Amaechi lawmakers are obligated to support him (Amaechi). What the governor is doing is to protect the future of the people. It is for the future of Rivers State.

“Some people have been talking about brotherhood from the South-South. But politics is about interest and not brotherhood. The lawmakers in Rivers State will never succumb to any pressure to remove their governor.”

He said that there was a subsisting court judgment that prevented the House of Assembly from impeaching Amaechi.


  1. Amaechi you are a very stupid man the will impeach you very soon.

  2. Anynos 7:23 shoutup mumu. What did u kn abt politics:

  3. AMAECHI IS A GONER!.He cannot used is personnal interest to the detriment of the overall interest of the Rivers people. If he likes, let him give OKIJA SHRINE-LIKE oat to the law makers and partners, he will surely give way to a leader with altruistic interest of the people. Those supporting him are doing that just to survive. Time will tell!.

  4. The Guilty is afraid.
    The evil man runs when none is pursuing him.
    Fear is making him preempt the controlled by all PDP none of them has defected to APC like Amechi and he is foolishly believing they can not impeach him. Living in fools paradise common with APC = Anti People Congress

  5. @ You dt r saying Amechi is Stupid, You r Big Fool, PDP FANS that dn't wishing wish Nigeria Well. God will soon fech u out.

  6. I no u are the oone who born politics ....go and hug transformer

  7. In my opinion, He will not be better in joining APC, cos it is not party that determines or tells a leader what to do to his people, it is who the leader is. Pls stop telling us lies that APC will make him better.


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