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2015: PDP can never win in Nigeria again — Amaechi

Ahead of the 2015 presidential election, the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has said unless the Peoples Democratic Party embr...

Ahead of the 2015 presidential election, the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has said unless the Peoples Democratic Party embraces rigging, it can never win elections in the country.

The governor, who made this remark while speaking with newsmen in Port Harcourt on Friday night, said with the exodus of PDP members to the All Progressives Congress, the ruling party was on its way out of power.

He said, “Most of you may have known that I have since left the PDP to a better party called the All Progressives Congress because the PDP is a drowning party and the facts remain that PDP is a drowning party.

“Watch out before March if we don’t have the numbers that we are looking for. So, you can’t call us opposition anymore because there are three arms of government and only two are electable; the executive and legislature.

“Yes, the PDP has the national executive, but we are inching close to having the legislature. Who then would be called the opposition if we have it?”

Amaechi, who predicted that more governors would defect to the APC in 2014, disclosed that one of the reasons why he left the PDP was as a result of the attempt by President Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, to interfere in the governance of Rivers State.

He also cited the ceding of Rivers resources to other states, the absence of Federal Government projects in the state and bad governance as the reasons why he dumped the PDP.

“But the basic reason why we left is the resources of Rivers State. I have told all of you on several occasions that the wife of the President was not elected the governor of Rivers State. I am the governor of Rivers State and husband to Judith Amaechi.

“I left because of the attempt by the wife of the President to micromanage governance in Rivers. I said no, you can’t; so that if I fail, they will not say the wife of the President failed, Governor Amaechi failed. I am accountable to God and to men and women,” he added.

Amaechi, however, said Nigerian politicians were averse to telling the truth and blamed Nigerians for the lack of interest in knowing the truth.

Recalling his claim that the Federal Government could not account for the sum of $49.8 bn and N2.3 trn oil subsidy, Amaechi said governors, at a time, refused to collect their states’ monthly allocations for three months.

He said, “When the politician reel out numbers, you should hold him accountable to the numbers he has reeled out. If you don’t hold them accountable, he will just say anything he likes.

“When I said the Federal Government could not account for $49.8 bn, they said, Amaechi, how did you know and I pulled out the letter and said the authority is the CBN governor.

“So, let him deny it. When I said they could not account for N2.3 trn for oil subsidy, they say what is your source? I was in the meeting with the President. We told the President that under General Obasanjo, the total oil money was N300 bn. The first year of President Goodluck Jonathan, 2011, oil subsidy became N2.3 trn. Did we buy more machines, expanded Nigeria?”


  1. somebody who criticise u most b moipic and sentimental and tends to reason upside down. u say the truth and dat is wat nigerians hate most.

  2. Don't be so sure my dear governor. Talking of rigging, you are the one who got more votes in Rivers than the voting population of the state even when we are sure 50% didn't come out that day, what will you call that? I am sure PDP will win rivers if you don't rig. We cannot betray south south opportunities that people have been dying for a long time to support your selfish aim.......Atonye

  3. Amechi should do well to shut his trap and allow the people to make their choice as to who will lead them. He and his new found party should concentrate on building their party which is unlikely to come out as one house after their first convention!

  4. God is on your side Amaechi. Truth is bitter.

  5. Amaechi our man, speak d truth n d truth shll set u free. b fearless n dogged. God is ur strength.

  6. Once a rigger always a rigger, oga thread small small, let those who know how to talk remember that there are those who know how to listen and those who can memorize, I can still recollect 2011 general election in rivers state where 3million people registered, 3 millions voted (no one travelled, sick or died) and of course 3 millions voted for PDP (no opposition) now let the gov. tell us which fight is he fighting? The rivers people or his own selfish political carrier?

  7. Amaechi should tell the world that Patience stop him from building his state,providing infrastucture for his people,or evening keeping the garden city airport clean.They are just using him as a tool and will soon be dumped in the bin .someone should tell him that his days in apc shall mark the end of his political carieer.

  8. U should think well before selling your people to the opposition ,stop inciting the people against their consciences and destroying the people that made u.instead of implecating or fueling the matter at hand,keep quite for u can not be sure of your place in APC after 2015

  9. Amaechi, it's unfortunate! the only BLACK LEG of south south Governors. Good luck in APC, stop making noise about PDP.

  10. Yes he is speaking some part of the truth. But is not the same Rivers state governor that passed a law that will make his entitlements when he finally complete his 8 year tenure and leave the govt house almost the same as a current governor? (Houses in PH & abuja inclusive) rivers state & indeed every south-south state should be like any other western european cities with huge amount of funds all the governors rivers inclusive are accessing from FGN. But what do we have on ground? The reality is that either at Abuja or in PH the south-south and indeed the entire Nigeria has no leadership representation interested in the people. APC PDP LP and co are only primarily concerned about what they steal from the system. Advice to Nigerian: look out for the candidates. Forget about the party because they are largely same set of people determine to CHOP US DRY.. God Forbid them all... Odun Tutu


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