Nigerian Lawyer sues Federal Government and Senate over Gay rights

A Nigerian lawyer, Robert Igbinedion, has sued the Federal Government and the National Assembly challenging the passage of the Same-Sex Prohibition Bill passed by the Senate late last year.

In a suit filed at the Federal High Court in Lagos on behalf of the “sexual minorities”, Mr. Igbinedion prayed for an order for the enforcement of fundamental rights to Private and Family life, Freedom from Discrimination, and Human dignity.

Mr. Igbinedion joined President Goodluck Jonathan and the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mohammed Bello Adokiye.

The suit is expected to allow those who practice same orientation with counterparts of their opposite sex to go scot free.
Mr. Igbinedion said that he filed the suit because the step taken by the Senate to make a law against LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender) persons is “one too many” by the government to oppress the minority.

“All over Nigeria, the accepted norm now is as long as the majority is happy, the minority can go to hell… and that is the direction we are running into at jet speed. That is not a direction a government should go,” Mr. Igbinedion said.
“The essence for which government is established is to protect minority,” he added.
The senate had in November 2011 passed the controversial bill which gives a sentence of 14 years imprisonment for gay couples and 10 years for witnesses and those who aid and abet the marriage despite severe criticism from the international community including threats of aid withdrawal
The Bill criminalises the public display of affection (PDA) by gay lovers and also prohibits the operation and registration of gay clubs with a 10 year jail term to defaulters.
The passage of the bill generated widespread commendation from the majority of Nigerians but international rights group, Amnesty International, expressed displeasure that such a bill “would threaten all Nigerians’ rights.”

If passed into law, the bill would set a precedent that “would threaten all Nigerians’ rights to privacy, equality, free expression, association, and to be free from discrimination,” the groups said.

In filing the suit, which comes up for hearing at the Justice Tsoho court in Ikoyi on May 4th, Mr. Igbinedion said that instead of making a law to protect the minorities from victimization, the Nigerian State is “rather moving in the direction” of criminalizing them.

“I am not gay. Since I filed this action, I have only met one. Before I filed the action, I have never met any in Nigeria. But that gives me more vigour, that empowers me because I am not biased. I have nothing to lose or gain. Even if I have something to gain, I’ll still file it anyway,” said Mr. Igbinedion, a registered foreign lawyer in the United Kingdom.

The Same Sex prohibition Bill is still awaiting a concurrent passage by the House of Representatives and would be signed into law by the President afterwards.
“I will fight it because our law permits it. That is why I’m in court. Chapter 4 of our Constitution says you cannot discriminate, so it permits it,” Mr. Igbinedion said.

“And the fundamental rights enforcement procedure rules have given us a clear direction in interpreting our Chapter 4, it says you must look to UN’s decision. And UN’s decision has recognized rights of LGBT persons as fundamental rights,” he added.
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  1. Mr. Igbinedion go to hell cos that's where you belong.You are foreign based,so you know nothing about our etics and value.May God forgive you for advocating for evil.He that suport evil,evil will never leave him home...

  2. Mr. Igbinedion why are you allowing devil to use you? why are you saying yes to what God have said NO to. Pls for Christ seek if you don't know what to use your money for, there are many poor ones every where you can use it to change their lives than crucifying our saviour JESUS CHRIST the second time. Pls repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

  3. Mr Igbinedion the fear of the lord is to keep away from evil do his laws and obey his command no matter how hard the instruction is God is interested in Nigeria and you better keep away from sowing discord and evil in Nigeria so you don't incur the wrought of the almighty, there may be sin but why must you now begin to go ahead so that iniquity can be called good, you better repent.

  4. Mr e gay or igbi...or wateva....Go hug transformer

  5. Igbinedion you are devil incarnate. God forbid!
    You are a GUY. You can't succeed in bringing evil into this God's own country.
    Is this what you are doing over there.
    GOD punish you.

  6. Can u all stop pouring insults on the man. the bible says do not judge . let God be the judge . we are his creation and therefore we have no right to discriminate. a lot of us commit worst sins. so you all just let the man be

    1. you must very stupid to say that I very sure you gay

  7. But you quite agree that it is SIN.. Judge yourself, so that you be not judged.. That is the scripture. Sin is sin and should not be condoned.

  8. all dis talks will not stop him 4m doin wat he wants 2do. I urge u all if ur so interested, den go 2court on dat day. Wat he's doin is d effect of d law

  9. Mr. Igbinedion, it can be seen dat u're a devil. As u're advocating 4 dis evil so also must u advocate 4 armed robbery, ritual killing and some others which u & i know they are devil acts as they have their minorities in them. Almighty God has been raining His curse & wrath on these devilish acts and will still continue so. Pls., stop advocating 4 d evil in this God loved country as He had made His decision tru d senate. Anybody advocating against God's decision shall perish. Save ur life, ur families & those of ur children frm God's curse & wrath. Stop ur move.

  10. This story is good news and thank God there some Nigerians that honestly support Human Rights and Equality. Just look at those kissing with Pride, keep your homophobic views if you like but you cant stop same sex relationship in private or in public.
    God is for everyone and I am glad Nigeria homosexuals are confidently coming out. I repeat again that those who are secured in their sexuality have no need to fear homosexuals.


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