State police recipe for anarchy – Shehu Sani

A former lawmaker and social critic, Senator Shehu Sani, on Monday, said the idea of allowing the establishment of state police in the country could be a recipe for anarchy.

According to Sani, the idea that state police would solve all the security problems in the country is a mirage.

He made his opinion on the matter known in a post on his X handle.

The Federal Government had recently hinted about the likelihood of embracing state police.

The development followed an emergency meeting between President Bola Tinubu and state governors at the Aso Rock Villa.

The meeting was sequel to the recent hike in food prices, economic hardship, and pockets of insecurity recorded nationwide.

However, the former lawmaker expressed worry that state police will be an armed wing of the ruling party of each state.

He wrote: “The idea that State Police will solve all the security problems in the Country is a mirage. What magic can the state police perform that the military, police and civil defence couldn’t? The State police will simply be an armed wing of the ruling party of each state. Its a recipe for anarchy.”

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  1. State police, state policy: what miracle will they perform? Will the personnel be Nigerians or the cambodians? Insecurity is a creation of the politicians. The 1999 constitution is one that makes a nigerian president the strongest man in Nigeria being able to change a woman to a man. Governors similarly are emperors in their various states. If they can manipulate the federal police that is on the exclusive list of procedural jurisprudence, then state police will simply be their puppets. When you have a people with utter disregard for their own laws, you do not need to be a prophet to tell that they are heading for a doom. That is the position of Nigeria. Political elites use insecurity as a means of extorting money from FG. Many state governors make so much IGR from insecurity in the land. Now that protected is no more protected bcos the people they gave arms are holding up the arms against they and in their Abuja hideouts, state police is back on the front burner of our security architecture. How long will you continue this open deceit?

  2. Avenue to recruit thugs. Confused nation, try it and see what will happen. Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣


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