How To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card For Cash In Nigeria

Razer Gold is a virtual credit gamers around the world use to redeem games and other entertainment content. It is a good gifting option for friends and family who are gaming enthusiasts.

In a case where you do not want to redeem it, you can exchange Razer Gold for cash. This is possible if you are based in Nigeria as there are many gift card trading platforms in the country. 

This article explains how to sell Razer Gold gift card for cash in Nigeria. Thankfully, Razer Gold gift card does not expire. So, if you’ve been holding one or keeping one in your wallet, now is the best time to cash it out.

Razer Gold gift card comes in two forms; physical Razer Gold gift card and Ecodes. They are also available in various denominations ranging from $10 to $1,000.

Depending on the form and denomination of your Razer Gold gift card, the equivalent amount in naira differs. Continue reading to find out where to trade Razer Gold gift card and how to exchange Razer Gold gift card for cash. 

Where Can I Sell Razer Gold Gift Card?

Nosh is a reputable and verified gift card trading platform in Nigeria where you can sell Razer Gold gift card instantly. 

Nosh allows you to convert Razer Gold gift card to cash securely on their platform. The naira equivalent will be paid to your naira wallet which you can then withdraw your bank account anytime you want. 

One of the best sites to sell Razer Gold gift card to cash is Nosh. They offer the best rates for gift cards, seamless trading experience, instant payout, and great customer service.

So, if you’ve been searching for where to trade Razer Gold gift card, head to PlayStore or AppStore now to download the Nosh app.

How Do I Redeem My Razer Gold Gift Card In Nigeria

Use the steps outlined below to redeem Razer Gold Gift Card For Cash In Nigeria.

  1. Go to the Nosh website to create an account. You can also download the Nosh mobile app to do that.
  2. Verify your email address and log in.
  3. Choose the Sell Gift Card option on the dashboard.
  4. Select Razer Gold Gift Card In the category section.
  5. Select the subcategory of your Razer Gold Gift Card.
  6. Type in the amount of your card and the equivalent in naira will be displayed.
  7. Enter your Razer Gold Ecode or upload the images.
  8. Review your trade details and submit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Is $100 Razer Gold Gift Card To Naira?

Presently, a $100 Razer gift card can be exchanged at the rate of 1,065 Naira per dollar at Nosh. This means you will get the naira equivalent of 45,600 Naira for a $100 Razer Gold Gift Card. The amount also varies according to the country of the gift card you want to trade. Leverage the gift card rate calculator on the Nosh app to find out the rate at the time you are reading this.

Can I Convert Razer Gold Gift Card To Cash?

Yes, you can easily convert Razer Gold gift cards to naira, cedis, or dollars on the Nosh platform. 

How Much Is $500 Razer Gold Gift Card To Naira Today?

A $500 Razer Gold Gift Card in Naira today is worth NGN532,500. At Nosh, customers enjoy the best rates you can find in Nigeria. Bring your gift card to Nosh and get the best value for your gift card. 


In conclusion, trading a Razer Gold Gift card in Nigeria is a walk in the park. This article explained how to redeem Razer Gold Gift card in Nigeria. Use the Nosh app for your gift card trades and get the best rates. You can download the app on Google PlayStore or AppStore to get started. 

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