Appointments: ‘This administration will not get eight years’ – Sheikh Gumi blows hot



Popular cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has said that the current administration headed by President Bola Tinubu will not get eight years in power.


Gumi stated this while preaching in a video clip posted on his Facebook page.


The cleric also accused the Tinubu administration of nepotism and claimed that ‘they have hijacked all means of money and economic power’.


Gumi said: “Muslims are the heads of the Ministry of Defence, of what significance is it? The real people in charge of Command and Control, those holding the guns and shooting, are we the ones? We are not the ones; they are playing us.


“There is an agenda. All means of money and economic power have been hijacked by them, they are planning to deceive us for four years and get eight years. They will not, Insha Allah.


“They will only come during elections like it is done to spread grains to chickens. If they spread grains to chickens, that’s all.


“Giving spaghetti to people is the solution, this spaghetti issue is a big deal. We are being cheated in this country and in a real mess.”

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  1. Nonsense. Sheikh Gunmi, where were you when your brother Mohamadu Buhari saw no good in other tribes except Fulani. Where' were you when only key positions goes only to his ethnic groups. Why this Hypocrisy.


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