Which African countries have the biggest sport scenes?


Oftentimes, the continent of Africa gets overlooked in favor of Europe and North America when it comes to sport. But this shouldn’t be so! Most African nations have budding sporting scenes and can field highly competitive teams on the world stage. But which countries in particular dominate the sporting scene in Africa? We take a look at this below.


Popular sports in Africa


If you want to branch out with your betting sites and sports betting, it’s great to have an understanding of the popular sports in Africa. You are more likely to find these represented in sportsbooks as opposed to minority sports like golf and motorsport. The following are considered to be the most popular sports in Africa:


·         Association football

·         Basketball

·         Cricket

·         Field hockey

·         Rugby union

·         Athletics

·         Handball

·         Volleyball


Football, cricket and rugby have the biggest followings, with football being the “sport of the continent”, so to speak. Residents of most African countries are crazy about it!


African nations with the biggest sport scenes


There are undoubtedly some countries that have a betterdeveloped sport scene than others in Africa. This could be due to better economies, more money invested into sports and more interest in the competitions themselves. Below, we have listed five nations that have really good sports scenes:


South Africa


South Africa easily has the biggest sports scene on the continent, and favorite sports include cricket, rugby and football. Indeed, in cricket and rugby, South Africa has enjoyed amazing success and regularly competes against top-ranking nations like Australia, New Zealand and England. This has resulted in some legendary rivalries and some epic sporting moments. The nation has also hosted many global sporting events, such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2003 Cricket World Cup.




Kenya is highly active in multiple sports including cricket, football, rugby, field hockey, boxing and rallying. However, they are also well known for having some amazing track and field athletes – particularly in mid and long-distance running. In the woman’s volleyball scene, Kenya has also been dominant for years.




Football is considered the national sport in Nigeria and they have raised some amazing players such as Jay-Jay Okocha over the years. The national team has won multiple African Cup of Nations trophies and has competed at numerous World Cups. Other sports popular in the country include basketball, cricket, boxing and athletics. Indeed, athletes such as Tobi Amusan are paving the way for a new generation of Nigerian track and field competitors.




Ethiopia is easily recognized on the world stage for its elite class of mid and long-distance runners. It has become something of a specialty in the country and many people from other nations train in Ethiopia due to the altitude. Renowned Ethiopian runners include the legendary Haile Gebrselassie, Kenenisa Bekele, MeseretDefar, Almaz Ayana and Derartu Tulu.


Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast has a well-developed association football scene, and the country has produced some legendary players over the years, such as Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure. Both the men’s and women’s international teams regularly perform well. Aside from this, they have a great basketball following, and field numerous competitors in world athletics.

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