6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Gift Card Today

What's your stance on gift cards? Are you among the people who have been benefitting from this digital asset and making your daily activities much easier, or, are you still unsure about gift cards and haven’t put much thought into it?  If the latter is your case, then today is your lucky day because this article would give you all the conviction you need to buy a gift card today. 

Without wasting much of your time, I’d be showing you six reasons why gift cards can be advantageous to you even in Nigeria.

6 Benefits of Gift Cards in Nigeria 

The top six reasons why gift cards are beneficial are; they can help you pay for items conveniently, they are great presents for loved ones, you can use them to make international payments, gift cards are a surefire way to get cash, they are secure, and gift cards help you limit and track your spending.  

 1. Gift cards Help You Pay For Items Conveniently: 

If there’s anything gift cards can guarantee you is convenience. Especially if you live in Nigeria. Now more than ever, you need a payment method that is not easily affected by network issues, and gift cards are just the perfect solution for this.

You can make payments online or at the designated gift card store without having to worry about the bank app not working, POS delays, or not having cash. Gift cards can also be stored on your mobile phones or digital wallets so you can move around freely. 

2. Gift Loved Ones: 

One of the best ways to show appreciation to the people that matter in your life is by buying them gifts. The two major obstacles people face when it comes to gift-giving are money and knowing exactly what to buy them. 

Gift cards help you bridge that gap. You can buy a gift card amount you can easily afford, and also give them the freedom to buy exactly what they want from their favorite brand.

3. You Can Use Gift Cards To Make International Payments:

Unless you have a USD or FX card, I’m almost sure that you have not been able to make international payments of late due to federal government restrictions. The only way to make such payments is with the use of gift cards. 

You can buy them with your Naira debit card, and shop online with ease. You shouldn’t let your interests die because of Federal government restrictions. 

4. Gift Cards Are a Surefire Way To Get Cash: 

Another good thing about gift cards is their flexibility. After purchase, you are not tied to them for life. If the need for cash ever arises, you can always head to a legitimate gift card exchange platform, sell your gift cards for cash and receive instant payment. 

5. Gift Cards Are Secure:

It is always safe and easier to move around with little to no cash. With gift cards, you can still make heavy purchases at the store without carrying loads of cash around. 

6. They Limit and Track Spending: 

One of the best ways to control your spending is by using gift cards. For example, if you decide to spend just $50 on Amazon this month, the best way to do so is by purchasing a $50 Amazon gift card and making all your Amazon purchases with it. 

This way you know exactly when your balance runs out and your Amazon purchases aren't mixed up with other bills and expenses. 

These are some of the reasons why you should buy gift cards in Nigeria. 

After reading the points above, I am certain that you need no further convincing, and the only thing that may still be a point of concern is where you can buy these gift cards in Nigeria precisely.  

Where is The Best Place To Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria? 

There is only one place in Nigeria to buy gift cards online at the best rates and get deliveries in a matter of days, and this is Cardtonic. 

Cardtonic is a secure gift card exchange platform, that has an exemplary track record of customer satisfaction.

You can buy your gift cards on Cardtonic following the instructions below.

Open your Cardtonic application or website, select the buy gift cards icon, pick your desired gift card country, select the gift card you wish to purchase, tap the card unit, select the quantity, and then proceed to payment.

1. Open Your Cardtonic Application or visit the Cardtonic website & log in. 

2. Select the buy gift cards icon.

3. Pick your desired gift card country. For example; “United States”

4. Select the gift card you wish to purchase. 

5. Tap on Card Unit and also the quantity you want.

6. Finally, tap the “Proceed To Payment” icon 

This is how to get a gift card in Nigeria.


Gift cards open an endless world of possibilities, especially in the payment sector. This article gives you all the information you need to know about how these digital assets can help make your life better. Such as; giving you a more secure and convenient way of making payments, helping you limit and track your spending, being a great means of appreciating your loved ones, an easy way to get cash, and many more. 

And If you’re thinking of where to buy gift cards in Nigeria, Look no further than Cardtonic. Because on Cardtonic, you get the most affordable gift card rates, quick deliveries on your purchases, and security. 


PLAY STORE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cardtonic.app

APPSTORE: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cardtonic-sell-gift-cards/id1548466084

HELP CENTER: https://help.cardtonic.com

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