Revelation on the eve of the general election in Nigeria

Nigeria's general election takes place in dark times: the country is plagued by deadly violence and blatant corruption. The results of the vote will define the fate of the country and the whole region for the upcoming years. All the denominations of Nigeria join in prays for security and stability, wishing for the leader who will be able to guide the country into the joy of light.

Nigerian Christians, peaceful and harmless believers, has experienced much woe and adversity. While research centers like “Nigerian Atrocities Documentation Project” aim to track and compile evidence-based data of displacement, kidnapping, or death to attract the attention of the government and all the forces of good of the world, other turn to prayers.

We should not forget that prayer can change and influence authorities and people in positions of power. The Lord answers to his devoted followers who know, believe, trust and entrust themselves to God. In this way the Lord’s angel has revealed himself to Michael Nworu while he was praying for the salvation of his Christian brothers and sisters and the country.

The revelation that came as the answer to his humble prayers was the one of great importance for the present time, as many Nigerian Christians put their faith not with the Lord, but with the Christian candidate Peter Obi. As it was said by the angel to Michael, “if in the hour of dire trouble and persecution, when the bows of the mighty are broken, upon the wisdom of God trust, as he reveals his secrets unto his servants. Be obedient to no one but true God himself, and not be tricked and tempted by false disciples for such is the path of the Father of Lies. God’s grace will guard the faithful and deliver his servants from evil, but true to the Almighty stay you must.”

We should open our ears to the word of an angel as the God himself speaks through his mouth for us to hear. Who is the angel referring to? The one who is called “false disciple” is likely to be a man bearing the name of one of the Jesus Christ apostles and the words “be obedient to no one but true God himself” shed more light upon the revelation, as “obedients” is what Peter Obi supporters name themselves.

While some Christians find the promises and the personality of Peter Obi encouraging, we must not forget that our faith is what will guide us to the safe haven, so let’s commit to praying for God’s merciful intervention.

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