Which Is The Most Popular Kratom Product In Nigeria?


Kratom products are famous in so many different parts of the world. Many users like to consume these products daily for the benefits they offer. Even in Nigeria, Kratom product sales are skyrocketing. One of the most popularly known Kratom brands in Nigeria is mit45 kratom. The brand offers a variety of products that individuals in Nigeria like to consume.


In this article, we mention some of the most popular products in Nigeria. From capsules to tea and extracts everything. We are also mentioning some things you should keep in mind while purchasing Kratom products in Nigeria; if you are curious to explore more about these products, continue reading below.


Overview Of Kratom

Kratom is a well-known plant from Southeast Asia. It is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a native plant in Thailand and Indonesia. The alkaloids in this opioid-like substance leaves are the most well-known component of the herbal mixture. Various Kratom strains include Red, White, Green, and yellow vein Kratom. Most users prefer using this because it offers various benefits.


Popular Kratom Products In Nigeria

In Nigeria, there is not one but a list of popular products. Here are some of the products that are popular in the country:



The first and the most famous Kratom product in Nigeria is Kratom extracts. The extracts come directly from the raw leaves of Kratom. The extracts have a rich alkaloid profile and offer substantial and potential beneficial effects that most users enjoy. Usually, Kratom extracts have a better and earthy taste, and regular users like to consume these extracts directly. However, most users prefer these extracts because they offer an excellent and more enhancing experience with this product.


If you are new to this experience, you should start with a small dose until you understand how regular Kratom extracts affect you. Users with experience with it can either enjoy 10% and 25% Kratom extracts on their own or combine them with an existing Kratom strain for a better experience.



The following popular products on our list are Kratom powder, which also comes directly from the leaves of the Kratom tree. It has recently become popular in Canada, Nigeria, and Europe. Users may experience various benefits by consuming this powder.


Usually, the leaves are dried to make the powder. The powder is more affordable than extracts, which is why many individuals prefer consuming it. The powder is a very versatile product. Most beginners prefer powder because it is less potent. Users can consume it directly, or if they are not a fan of the bitter and raw taste of the powder, they can mix it in water or other beverages, and that's not it. They can also add it to their food items.



The following product on our list is high quality kratom extract pills and capsules. Most beginners in the Kratom industry start their journey with capsules, as these capsules are easy to consume. These capsules contain alkaloids, and their effects will depend on the concentration of the alkaloids. One of the best things about capsules is that users don't have to measure the product's dosage.


Instead, they come with a predefined dosage. Capsules are famous because they are easy to consume. The capsule is the pill form of Kratom powder. The gelatin capsule has powder in it that consumers can sallow directly. You can find a variety of capsules in Nigeria, ranging from Red Malay capsules to white maeng da capsules. These capsules are available at affordable prices in Nigeria.



You might not know, but kratom tea is also trendy in Nigeria. If you cannot consume extracts and powder directly, tea is the next and best option. This tea is simple to make, tasty, and easy to consume. It offers all the benefits and is very effective. You can find teas in different flavors and strains in Nigeria. You can also find more Kratom beverages, and if you want, you can make your tea and beverage with the help of the powder.


You can create this traditionally by brewing the leaves of the Kratom tree. This tea is available in different flavors and strains. For example, you can find tea of red, green, white, and yellow strains in Nigeria. 



So many individuals like to consume Kratom in liquid form. Unfortunately, not all brands offer a liquid form of this opioid-like substance. But the liquid is one of the most potent products that offer users a great experience. With these liquids, you have to be a little careful with the dosage because you have to measure the dose of the liquid by yourself. These liquids are concentrated and offer strong effects. If you are a newbie, you should start with a minimal amount. 


In Nigeria, you can get this liquid from specific websites and a few sellers. You can consume the liquid directly or add it to your food and drinks.


Kratom Gummies

Another popular product in Nigeria is gummies. Most of us enjoy consuming edibles that taste good. You can find a lot of sellers and brands offering these gummies in different flavors. Gummies are an easy and beginner-friendly product. You don't struggle with the dosage, as these gummies have a predefined dosage. You can find various flavors of gummies in Nigeria, like strawberry, watermelon, mango, vanilla, etc. These gummies can be perfect for you if you have a sweet tooth.


Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Kratom In Nigeria

Here are a few points that you should check while purchasing Kratom products in Nigeria:


Quality Of The Products

The first thing you will have to keep in mind while purchasing these products in Nigeria is the quality of the products. Many vendors may sell opioid-like substance products online or in-store, but not all offer the best quality.


Customer Review

While purchasing any product, customer review is essential. With the help of customer reviews, you will understand what kind of products the brand offers and the quality of their product. Therefore, you should always look for customer reviews if you want to buy any product.


Lab Test

You should always purchase products that are lab tested. Lab tests prove that the products you buy and consume are safe. Before purchasing from the brand, check for the lab test results.


The Bottom Line

There are several users of Kratom in Nigeria, which is why its products are popular there. Its products, like capsules, extracts, powder, tea, etc., can be found in different flavors. You can find products like red, green, and white vein capsule extracts, liquids, etc. The products and their different strains are also popular in the country. Besides, people also search for queries like “can you smoke kratom?” to opt for an alternate method to consume kratom.


However, a few things you need to ensure before purchasing products there, like the quality of products you buy, safety, customer reviews, etc., are also crucial.


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