Petrol subsidy regime is abused, not fair to poor Nigerians -Tinubu



Bola Tinubu, standard bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has reiterated his position on petrol subsidy, saying it is not fair to poor Nigerians.


 Tinubu spoke in a recent interview with Kaduna-based Freedom Radio while in Saudi Arabia for Lesser Hajj.


Last month, Tinubu had stated his stance on phasing out the energy subsidy, insisting that he would stop the payments without regard to protests, if he becomes president.


“No matter how long you protest, we are going to remove subsidy,” he had said.


However, clarifying this statement, Tinubu said his administration would never suppress dissenting views.


He alleged that fake news peddlers have resorted to taking some of his statements out of context.


“As the elections are coming closer, the signs are clear and that is why our opponents are jittery. They have now resorted to peddling fake news and quoting some of my statements out of context just to score cheap points,” he said.


The former Lagos governor reiterated that, if elected, he would end subsidy and divert the funds to the needy.


“Recently I was asked about fuel subsidy removal, and I said I will ensure we end the wastage and re-channel the money to the people who truly need it,” he said.


“This is one position that almost all the candidates are united about. We all agreed that the subsidy regime is abused and it favours the rich more than the poor. It has to go.


“I couldn’t have opposed people expressing their own position on this. I believe in consultation and guaranteed by democratic values and norms.


 “I respect opinion of people and I would not be party to stifling dissenting views or any legitimate protest.


“I am a veteran of protests myself. So, why should I say people should not embark on well-intentioned protest? There is no excuse for that and there is no abuse of power intended.”

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