How To Play Every Map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


To ensure an upper hand in a battle, you must know your environment well. Very few players on CoD are aware of how much they could do if they knew their maps well enough. Cold War comes with tons of maps that are regularly updated. Armada, Crossroads, Garrison, and Miami are notable maps in the game.

However, the rules for playing on these maps are almost the same. So, continue reading to discover practical tips on how to play all CoD: Black ops Cold War matches. Also, do well to use some black ops cold war hacks to boost your performance.

Practical tips for playing better in all CoD: Black Ops Cold War matches


  1. Conquer one map before moving to the next

Gone are the days players had to pay $15 for new maps. Maps are now added to games and can be accessed for free. While this is supposed to be a big plus, it can be a setback since most players want to spontaneously play on any map they can lay their hands on.

The disadvantage is that they get killed by players with better knowledge of the maps. The best way to utilize maps in Cold War or any other CoD title is to stick with one map before moving on to the next.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

Cold War matches are no joke; you can lose your life in a split second if you're not careful. Someone sneaking up on you from behind is a common occurrence you must avoid at any cost. Simple precautions include always looking back at the route you emerged from and listening for footsteps.

Also, several perks allow you to see the map more efficiently. Some notable examples are field mics, proximity mines, and spy planes. You can also make yourself invisible to enemy spy planes by using the Ghost perk.

  1. Stick with the mission goal

A lot of times in Cold War will have you shooting the hell out of every opponent in sight. As interesting as this is, it’s more important to stick with the objective of the match. That’s because many other players will have the mission’s objective as their target.

In Kill Confirmed, you can use dog tags to identify hot spots. The high population of these objective locations will make it easier for you to amass more kills. However, never neglect the objective for kills. Whatever you do, make sure you’re in the company of your teammates.

  1. Always be on the move.

Players tend to cover a location from vantage points such as a window or behind a good cover. This could be a very beneficial tactic since you need to minimize movement to stay hidden. However, it could be wrong due to some reasons.

For instance, staying at one location while you have the Ghost perk activated renders the perk useless. Enemies with UAVs will still be able to spot you. Also, you could be an easy target for a sniper who saw you peek from your cover and is just waiting for you to resurface.

  1. Stick sight lines and peek spots to memory

Many spots in the maps serve as better shooting locations than others. This is mainly because of the great sight they provide players in addition to sufficient cover. Moreover, it will be advantageous if you know how to head-glitch.

Head-glitching is a tactic in the game where you peek from behind covers, and only your head is visible. You'll need a fair knowledge of peek spots to maximize this tactic. Mind you; sniper rifles will serve as the best weapons with this strategy.


All maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War require the same approach. It just requires a bit of attention and retentive memory on your part. Just take mental notes of the best sight lines and peek spots.

Also, camping could be cool if you have a sniper rifle. However, doing so while using the Ghost perk makes you noticeable by enemy UAVs. Lastly, always stick with the objective and pay attention to your rear.

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