7 Essential Items to Bring with You When Travelling Abroad


Travelling can be fun and exhilarating, but it can also be costly and stressful. Some of us struggle to save enough money to travel abroad at all and play real money mobile casino games . If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, check out these 7 essential items to bring with you when travelling across the globe.



Taking good photos is one of the best ways to document your travels. A sturdy tripod will ensure that no matter where you are or what camera you have with you, you always get sharp, clear images. Check out our guide to choosing a tripod if it’s not already in your gear list!

Waterproof Bag/Package

A watertight backpack or bag will keep everything safe from puddles on the road, rain showers, and even getting stuck in a flooded bathroom sink. Never go anywhere without this item.


Never go anywhere without headphones – music helps us relax while we drive so use them whenever possible. Even better if they work with your phone too!

Sleeping Bag/Motel Room Key Card

It can be expensive finding accommodation in different countries; therefore, knowing how to lock your room door and get into your hotel safely can help save some cash. We recommend getting a few key cards ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about leaving extra cash for emergency situations such as lost credit card payments.


You’d be surprised by how many people still do not own a computer nor have access to the internet. It is the most useful tool for research purposes when planning trips around the world.


Flashlights come in handy at night when trying to catch that last subway ride home after a long day visiting museums. Be careful using flash photography though – light pollution can cause headaches and nausea, especially in touristy areas where there isn’t much natural lighting.

Hand Sanitiser / Washbands

Many times, bathrooms won’t have hand sanitisers or washable surfaces to clean your hands before eating food prepared by someone else who has touched raw foods. 


The above items aren’t just for tourists either – all travellers should add them to their lists in order to have a comfortable experience wherever they end up travelling while playing best online casino payouts. Remember to keep your possessions safe, they cost you real money after all! As always, I hope these tips were helpful!

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