3 Secret Tips To Play The Rust Game Like A Pro


Gamers are always in search of some new and exciting games which are quite challenging and always keep giving them new challenges to maintain their interest in gaming.

This time, the game called Rust has come to their rescue, as this is a multiplayer and the only survival game available in the world of gaming which is gaining a huge following and love from all the players in the gaming industry. The best thing about the game that lures gamers is that there are no set rules of the game. Also, there is no target; the players only decide what they want to do in the game and how they want to play.

The basic theme of this game is, survival of the fittest, and that too without any right or wrong in the game. Despite such interesting and open-ended rules, one must learn some tips and tricks to make the game interesting for them, especially if you are a beginner. 

Let's check out 3 tips that are going to help you a lot in this crazy game.

1. Craft your spear while spawning

As it is clearly mentioned above, the game is all about the survival of the fittest. Once you start with the game and especially after spawning, any player will find themselves in a very unpredictable situation. When you enter the game after spawning, then you need a spear to deal with the combat situation.

Hence, make sure to go for a spear right when you are spawning. No matter if the spear is a wooden one, that one is the cheapest and also very easy to craft. Beginners should never start with the game without a spear for a smooth experience. If you want to become the fittest while enjoying rust, you can also try to buy the best Rust hacks that are used by professionals to ensure you do not get stuck anywhere. This game is as similar as the name suggests, and one must be ready to deal with it in any case.

2. Try hiding the loot in the base itself

Loot is the most important part when you play this game. People keep on finding the stuff and they just take away anything and everything they find. It is very important here to hide your tools in the right and safe place to ensure that your stuff is secured with you.

The best way to do this is to hide the stuff at the base or foundation itself. There is no scope left for people to find your tool cupboard in this situation. One can simply achieve this by methods like optical illusions and even exploits. It totally depends on the player on how they want to execute this hiding activity as there are no such rules in the game as mentioned above. One can make his or her own way and keep their tools secured through the journey of survival.

3. Do not forget to create your sleeping bag

It is as essential as a spear to create a sleeping bag right at the beginning of the game for every player. Otherwise, they are going to find themselves in a very difficult situation. It is always recommended to craft your handy sleeping bag when you are spawning and starting your game. The general spawning point is the beach and the players gradually start farming in the deeper areas in the game.

There are some situations when the player is inevitably dying and needs a sleeping bag for respawning. When you have your sleeping bag handy, you can simply handle the situation anywhere and everywhere, without getting frustrated. We can bet you are going to thank us later in the game for this hack as this is going to save your life to a great extent.

To create a sleeping bag, a player needs 30 clothes which can be found in hemp fiber farming. These are the general trees and can be overlooked, so it is recommended to always keep your eyes open and make sure you grab the clothes at the right time to create your sleeping bag.

The above three hacks are definitely going to help you a lot if you really want to survive in the game. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, these hacks are a must for all kinds of players. Do not forget to use the hacks while you are playing the game and thank us later.

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