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Paedophile accusation surfaces as Ubi Franklin, baby mama argue over daughter’s stay in Nigeria

  Media executive, Ubi Franklin, and his baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa, have been engaging in an intense exchange of words over personal issues t...


Media executive, Ubi Franklin, and his baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa, have been engaging in an intense exchange of words over personal issues that have become subject to public discussion.


The issues ranged from Franklin’s questioning of Sandra’s decision to leave their daughter in Nigeria as she traveled abroad to give birth; to pedophile accusations against Sandra’s estranged husband, among others.


The former lovers recently deliberated on the issues and the recorded conversations were released online.


Our correspondent, while listening to the conversations, observed it generated arguments that were followed by sudden outbursts between Franklin and Sandra.


Speaking on one of the issues, Franklin was heard teasing Sandra that she traveled to America because she was tired of fighting in Nigeria.


Sandra, however, noted that she traveled to America to give birth.


Franklin later asked why Sandra was depriving him of seeing their daughter, and in one of the released conversations, she responded saying, “You need to apologize to my parents, they are not wicked people, my kids are with them, my dad will allow you to see the girl. Then, you can have her for the week.”


However, the conversation took another dimension when Franklin asked his former lover why she decided to leave their daughter in Nigeria when she traveled out of the country.


“What do you mean? My kids are in Nigeria and I am going back in two months. I shouldn’t be talking to you right now because you are getting me mad. Are they not Nigerian citizens?


“So, if I move to Ukraine or Russia or London, are you going to ask me what my kids are doing in London? Me and my children go anywhere I go. My kids are always around me. So, don’t tell me what my kids are doing in Nigeria, they are with their grandparents,” she said.


As diverse reactions trailed the conversation on their child’s stay in Nigeria, Franklin accused Sandra of editing one of the released conversations to fit her narrative.


He also noted that Sandra later apologised for calling him out on social media, adding that her “entire family wana blow from Ubifranklin.”


Angered by the development, Sandra’s brother, Alexander, accused Franklin of calling Sandra’s estranged husband, Steve, a pedophile.


A recorded conversation was also released to give credence to Alexander’s statement.


Alexander posted the recorded conversation, among others, on Instagram using his handle alexander_dozie.


In the conversation, Franklin, while speaking to Sandra, said he called people to inform her to stay away from Steve.


“Did you listen to them? Didn’t I tell you to stay away from Steve or not? Steve is my friend, he is a useless person. Steve has the capacity to even sleep with your children. And I keep telling you but you didn’t listen to me,” Franklin said.


In his response, Franklin said, “I know I’m a good person, I won’t ever waste my time proving it. Dear young brothers, see those DMs we reply? Some should be blocked forever.


“Pray God gives us the wisdom to keep blocking anyone (that) will try to torment our lives. Pray you never meet a toxic woman.”


Reacting to people who advised him to be silent regarding the matter, he said, “Pray you never meet a toxic woman. For those saying I should be silent for my daughter’s sake.


“My daughter is the reason I haven’t posted a lot of stuff I have in a draft that will blow y’all away. My daughter is the reason I keep entertaining her mother’s rubbish.”

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