Often Overlooked Ways to Max Out Your FPS Performance

FPS games, especially the online sort, are a constant test of skill and concentration. Sure, recently the focus has been on hardware, and tons of gamers have shelled out a small fortune to acquire the latest and greatest Graphics cards, Processors, and peripherals. That’s all well and good, but the reality of the situation is that your own skill level will dictate your success to a much higher degree than any one upgrade to your gaming setup will. 

So, how can you improve the hands and the eyes behind all that gear? Here’s a quick guide that outlines a few less widespread ways you can maximize your hardware and improve your FPS performance. 

Obscure Tips for Getting Good at FPS Games

Apply these tips below for the best result on FPS games. 

Using Trainer Applications

While many people look on the concept of an aim training application with some contempt, an increasing number of pros and amateurs alike are seeing massive improvement by utilizing them. The single-minded focus on aim with none of the distraction or specific mechanics of playing an actual fps means that you get to maximize your skill in a way that is not only effective, but also universal. 

Experiment With Settings 

Most gamers fall into one of two equally ineffective camps; they either leave all settings as-is right out the box or instead emulate a top streamer or other gamer’s key bindings and sensitivity controls. None of that helps you as an individual. The days of presets are long gone for a reason; everyone is different. Go into your settings and figure out what works best for you in all regards; FOV, sensitivity, DPI, and anything else. Even things as basic as brightness can give you that much more comfort and performance in game. 

Be Aware of Genre-shock and Mitigate it

If you’re one of the multitude of gamers that enjoy more than one genre, then you’re likely holding your FPS performance back significantly by not being conscious of the performance loss from switching genres. Even if you don’t notice it, switching from games in other genres back to FPS games can be detrimental to your muscle memory and proper reactions. This is in part why FPS games have nearly uniform controls across developers and subgenres. So be sure to give yourself a reacclimating period before heading to ranked, possibly in a training range or casual. 

Click Rate

This is such an underappreciated and obscure tip that it borders on being a secret. In any FPS game, there is a clear superiority of semi-automatic weapons, which strike a perfect balance between the close quarter capabilities of an automatic weapon and the power and range advantage of, say, a bolt action sniper rifle. The key to using these amazing weapons lies in your click rate, which means it depends on both your mouse and your own fingers. Training this is a must, even if you do often find yourself leaning to one of the other options in the game. CPS TEST offers a service that’s perfect for both improving your speed and evaluating new or alternative hardware. 

With these tips and lots of practice, you’ll be beating your friends in 1 v 1s and justifying that new mousepad purchase in no time.

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