Fuel Scarcity: Your days are numbered – Nigerians slam Femi Adesina


President Muhammadu Buhari’s Spokesman, Femi Adesina, has been criticised for his statement on the lingering fuel scarcity across Nigeria.


Adesina in his latest weekly article titled ‘Knock Knock. Who’s there? “said heavens would not fall over the current fuel scarcity and Nigerians will survive like always.


The presidential aide recalled that Nigerians had experienced a similar situation in the past and they survived.


His statement has since been condemned by Nigerians who took to social media calling him out for being heartless to the pains of those who voted his government into power.


They chastised him for being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians queueing at fuel stations since February.


Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:


@DejiAdeyanju “Femi Adesina is why nobody trust government critics. 95% of critics and activists turn out to be more heartless and hopeless than the people they criticize once they get into the government.”


@Unekue “ Femi Adesina said the heavens would not fall over the current fuel scarcity and Nigerians will survive like always. Which “see finish” pass the one?


@Bukar_Hamman “ Yes, so we should continue to be with our economic hardship due to the failure of our leaders to address challenges. Oil-producing nations for over 55 yrs cannot have a single refinery.”


@ToheebAlim “ This is how these people think of Nigerians. Is Femi Adesina aware of promising youth that lost their lives indirectly due to fuel scarcity in Ilorin? How do you think their parents will feel seeing this your view? This administration is no doubt the worst. No human feeling at all.”


@AbeyBlack “ Femi Adeshina, One thing I want you to remember is that you’re not going to be in that office forever. In fact your days are numbered, is that what you wish for your entire family, to adjust to poverty? God will judge you accordingly.”


@Kene “This Femi Adesina is a disgrace to journalism and seeing someone who attacked Jonathan’s government badly is talking from another side of his mouth, PDP 16 years we have never witnessed one fuel scarcity, never terrible power supply as we have now. APC is a curse.”


@ExclusiveKing “ Sleeping in filling stations and buying for 65 naira is better than sleeping in Aso rock and paying 300 Naira.”


@TemitopeOjt “ When PDP was in power and we had fuel scarcity, these people protested. See what he is saying now. Since PDP is not protesting, doesn’t that mean they are in cahoots with APC?


@Ceewhy “ The disrespect! These guys take us for granted too much, sadly though a lot of people don’t even know they’re being taken for granted .”


@Toneroforeal “ No be your fault oga. Do remember the power is transient you hear. You will come and join us soon when your time expires next year.”


@Onyiforlife “ Femi Adesina continues to talk down on Nigerians, knowing our weaknesses and taking advantage of it. This man disrespects Nigerians. Do I blame him?


@Edirined “ With full chest, Femi Adesina said the heavens would not fall over the current fuel scarcity and Nigerians will survive it like always.


“Did he lie? NO. We are indeed suffering and smiling people.”

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