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‘We fought but I didn’t stab her’ — ex-girlfriend of Nse Ikpe-Etim’s sister reacts

Amara, the ex-girlfriend of Uyaiedu, sister of Nse Ikpe-Etim, the Nollywood actress, has reacted to allegations of domestic violence against...

Amara, the ex-girlfriend of Uyaiedu, sister of Nse Ikpe-Etim, the Nollywood actress, has reacted to allegations of domestic violence against her.


Uyaiedu had earlier recounted how she endured an abusive relationship with the queer rights activist.


The film director had alleged that Amara became violent in the course of their relationship and slapped her on one occasion.


In a Twitter thread, the  LGBTQIA+ activist, better known as Amara the lesbian, confirmed that the pair indeed endured an abusive relationship in their first two years together.


Amara, however, said she did not stab Uyaiedu as rumoured in some quarters.


She went to apologise over the effect of her action on the queer community and asked for forgiveness from her aggrieved colleagues.


“I’m sorry about how all of this is affecting the queer community that has loved and supported me since I got on this space. I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry,” she wrote.

“I need everyone who still has any hope for me and my existence to know this, I’m doing better than I did in my past, today.


“One day, like I already do. I’d share with you about my not so impressive past, again. This time with more details. I did not stab my girlfriend.


“However, we were in an abusive space the first two years of our relationship and we would occasionally have heated arguments and fights that would burn us both and one time we almost burned down our entire house with the heat.


“God saved us both and we have been together for years after that and we’ve gotten better and healed for ourselves and each other. I have a video on my channel that vaguely talks about this period of our lives.”

One day, when I’m ready, I’ll talk about that day in more details with pictures and videos. I’m not ready today and I won’t today.


I also acknowledge and I apologize to the queer people who shared a toxic friendship space with me. I am doing better than I did with you. I was so confused on why you all distanced yourself from me and that’s why I’ve repeated talked about my confusion and the feeling of abandonment I felt. Now I know you left because you were unsafe around me and you were scared to tell me about it. I never wanted to be that person to you but I was and for this, I’m so very sorry.


This country is hard enough already on queer people, I do not want to cause any more hardship for any queer person.

I do believe I’m a better friend today than I was to you. And I still I’m doing more to be better and heal from my traumas. I will talk to a therapist this year and stop self- therapizing or using my friends for free therapy. I’ll get the help that I need.


Again, to every queer person affected by this, I’m really sorry.  I’ve never wanted to be perfect to your gaze or tried to be. I bare myself to my camera as honest as my own experiences cover,hoping that somebody out there would relate and feel less alone. Even in horrible times and spaces, even when you’re the bad thing.


I’m human and I’ve made mistakes and I’ll still stumble on this journey I’m walking. I share to feel less alone not because I’m perfect but because life is lonely. life is very lonely.


Thank you for all the ways you all have made me feel less alone in this my life. Thank you. I’m sorry for the heaviness all of this is causing for you all.


I am growing and everyday I choose to do better and I do, I really do.

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