Stop dressing like women, Omobaba attacks male skit makers

Veteran stand-up comedian, Omobaba, in a recent interview, has advised his colleagues who are online skit makers to stop dressing like women.

In his words, he said the trend is ‘getting out of hand’ and they should ‘just stop’.

Omobaba said, “In all sincerity, but for a few that are very creative from Josh2funny to maybe Nedu, I mean the rest should just stop. It is becoming out of hand. They should just stop.

“If you are not doing a one-man drama, which is what I used to do even before I began stand-up comedy, do not bother. I will take a role of a lady, perform it, do the role of an elderly man, all in one scene. It is just getting too much and it is watering down the hard work some people have invested. I think that one should stop.”

The funnyman noted that there are so many characters to create around men instead of his male counterparts dressing like females.

He continued, “You can create so many characters around a man. However, when it comes to creativity, it is difficult for a creative to criticize another creative.

“I am not the type that will say between Wizkid and Davido, who is the best. I can never compare Femi Kuti and Lagbaja because if you truly know music, their sounds are totally different. If that is what they feel they can do, let them continue; but there is a stage where you can always differentiate the men from the boys.”

Omobaba further stressed that although online comedians are the rave of the moment, they are not a threat to stand-up comedians.

He mentioned that some skits made by online skit makers were derived from jokes told by stand-up comedians.

“It would be wrong for anybody to think that social media comedians are taking the shine off stand-up comedians because 85 per cent of the skits you see are proper stand-up stories told by stand up comedians,” Omobaba stated.

“Stand-up comedians do not have the time. Some of these guys are stand-up comedians as well; not all of them.

“We are all helping ourselves to grow one way or the other; they are not taking the shine off stand-up comedians. These boys are doing their own thing and we are doing ours. Employ them to do the work of a stand-up comedian and let us see what will happen afterwards. I don’t think they are a threat to our job till Jesus comes.”

The humour merchant seized the opportunity to mention the benefits of comedy clubs in the entertainment industry while speaking about his project, Unknot Your Tie, which he hosts every Wednesday.

He noted that comedy clubs are important to the comedy industry as they serve as a means for up-and-coming comedians to hone their skill.

According to him, it is a place for people to relax after a hectic day at work.

He said, “Unknot Your Tie comedy club is a strong voice when it comes to comedy clubs in Nigeria. We lead and others follow.

“We took a break for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, comedy clubs are needed in the comedy industry because it is a place young comedians can come and hone their skills before they make it to the big stage. They can make mistakes here and learn lessons. That is why I started the comedy club, Uknot Your Tie.

“There are so many comedians in Nigeria today, like Josh2funny and SLK, whose history will be incomplete without my comedy club, Unknot Your Tie. I am glad that other comedy clubs are sprouting all over Nigeria.

“We are at Sidewalk at Victoria Island because of the serene environment and the security is top-notch. Furthermore, their services are good. Also, the owner of the establishment is passionate about stand-up comedy. He understands what it means to have a comedy club till we get the support we need as entertainers to get our own space for stand-up.”

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