Six signs your partner is embarrassed to be seen with you in public


Do you ever feel like your partner may be embarrassed by you but aren’t really sure? Are you trying to figure out if your suspicion is correct?

Well, here are six signs that can help you.

They ignore you in public

Have you ever been in a situation where you happen to bump into your significant other on the street, try to say hello, and get totally ignored? Well, this is something people who are embarrassed by you tend to do.

If your partner avoids you in public or even asks you not to acknowledge them in public, this may mean they are ashamed to be seen with you.

They don’t introduce you to their friends

Have you noticed that since you started dating your significant other, they haven’t introduced you to their friends? This may mean they are embarrassed to be seen around you. Although it’s great for couples to have separate friends and activities, it could be a red flag if they can’t at least introduce you to any of their friends.

While it’s normal for some people to hesitate about introducing their partners to their friends at the beginning of a relationship, if the relationship has lasted for a while, knowing their friends shouldn’t be an issue.

They criticise you 

Playfully teasing your partner is one thing, but when it becomes constant and more negative, there’s something wrong somewhere. When most people are embarrassed by a friend or partner, it comes out through unkind words and actions.

If your partner is constantly criticising things you say, your opinion, or your way of doing things, it could simply mean they are not proud to be with you. That may be your cue to walk away as you deserve someone who’s proud to have you in their life.

They try to control how you look

This is a major pointer that your partner might just not be proud of you. Wanting to dictate what you wear, how you style your hair, what type of makeup you use, and even how much you weigh is out of place from someone who claims to love you.

One thing to note is that before this person even starts trying to control how you look, they would have made a few hurtful comments to make you feel like you should look different. Well, if this is the case, you may need to seriously rethink the relationship and whether you should still be in it.

Now, this is not to say they can’t give you fashion advice or tips. But when the advice becomes compulsory, then something is wrong.

They prefer having dates at home 

Perhaps you think your partner simply prefers hanging out at home than going out on dates. But think about this: how long has this been going on?

If you have noticed that your partner would go out with their friends but would give excuses not to go out with you, it’s likely they are embarrassed to be seen in public with you.

If this is true, you may have also noticed that the few times you have gone out together, your partner avoids places they would likely bump into their friends.

You’re constantly wondering if they’re embarrassed by you

If you’re always wondering if your partner finds you embarrassing, chances are, they do. Except of course you’re an overthinker. When we wonder about certain things or behaviours in our relationship, more often than not, we’re right. 

Always remember that you deserve to be with someone who absolutely adores you and wants to show you to the world. She/he is out there, you just need to let go of the bad, so you can grab the good.


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