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An Ideal Kind Of An investor

  Have you ever asked why some investors make more money with less risk than others?


Have you ever asked why some investors make more money with less risk than others?

In our quest to find out why, we intend to look critically into different kinds of investors in business settings and recommend which one of them is  the best option.

There are three basic categories of investors.

These first set of people are those who never thought, make efforts or even feel it is important to invest at all.

Yes, these investors can still achieve great wealth by the reason of them getting a job or appointment with the federal government, marrying someone rich, or winning big on  NetBet Sport platform.

The next category of investors are those who have little or no time to spend looking for investment opportunities .

They often seek answers rather than acquiring knowledge by asking questions such as;

"What do you recommend I invest in?"

"Do you think I should buy or sell the shares, properties, real estate, or even diversify? "

So, this group often buys what we call " Real Investments", which are investments that have been packaged for sale to the masses.

The ideal and third group of Investors take the pain of looking for problems, most especially, problems caused by those who get into financial trouble and capitalise on this to make good returns on their investment.

These set of people have strong financial foundations with skills necessary to succeed as Business Owners and Investors.

For example, a friend in one of the forex trading business platforms always requested people that are willing to sell their Dollar wallet and he in return buys these dollars to keep in his account for better returns when the price appreciates.

For us to get on the fast track faster, we must learn to start small and also be ready to solve problems.

The first step is that one must  learn how to build a business, because a business provides vital educational experience, improves Personal skills, provides Cash flow to soften the ups and down of the market place and provides free time.

From the Cash Flow obtained from the business, we allow us the free time to begin looking for financial problems to solve.

In real world, there are practical  steps and actions to take for us to become proficient and idea investors, these includes but not limited to;


* Attending Financial Seminars and Classes.

*Be on a look out for properties with  "For Sale" signs and its information in your area.

Ask probing questions like; Is it an investment property? ,Is it for rent, lease or outright sale?.

* Meet up with several business brokers to see what existing businesses are for sale in your area by asking questions and listening.

* Also, meet several Stockbrokers for recommendations on stocks to buy, when to sell.

However, do the due diligence, by conducting your own research about the company you intend to invest in.

* Attend Network Marketing Seminars to learn about their business System but clearly understand how it works before investment.

* Visits Business Opportunity Conventions or Trade Expose to see what Franchises or business Systems available.

*  Read books,listen to tapes and videos, watch financial TV programs.

* Subscribe and study investment newsletters, business newspapers and magazines


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