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What is the future of Online Betting and Gambling?

  The gambling industry has gone through massive changes and development to become what it is today. One of the greatest developments in thi...


The gambling industry has gone through massive changes and development to become what it is today. One of the greatest developments in this multi-billion industry is that one does not have to leave their home courtesy of online gambling.

Technology touches aspects of life, and it has so far been one of the biggest drivers of change in the gambling sector over the years. It may be hard to eliminate land-based casinos, but some were closed in a bid to control the spread of coronavirus that hit most of the countries in early 2020. Different players in the gambling industry are working round the clock on different solutions. The following are some of the things to expect in online gambling:

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The first time that VR was tested on online casinos was in 2016. However, augmented and virtual reality are not new technologies as they have been around for quite some time now. Virtual reality makes gaming in a typical casino more realistic and convenient. VR is simply an improvement of the existing online casinos, which have been operational for more than two decades now.

The VR integration offers a similar environment that you can get in a land-based casino. The player wears a VR handset, which then amplifies the surroundings and creates a virtual playing ground. A typical VR handset can feature detailed casino rooms that players can explore in 3-D and have a walk-through. The environment also features some real casino sounds, which come with a 3D spatial aspect. There are also in-game chats, which ensures that messages are exchanged in real-time.

Competition cannot be ignored

More and more companies are getting online. The move means that the competition will also be fierce. The number of land-based casinos has been on a downward trend while the online ones have been rising. These online casinos are investing in various approaches to win new customers and maintain existing ones. Issuing of bonuses has been one of the best approaches for maszyny online. Casinos are also expected to make the sites secure if they want to win their followers' trust. Marketing will also play a vital if these casinos want to enter new markets.

Expect more blockchain-based casinos

Blockchain is one of the most after-sought technologies in the new world. It has also been described as the technology of the future. However, most people limit the applications of blockchain technology to the finance and banking sectors. Online casinos have always been threatened by hackers who, at times, go away with millions of money. The private data of customers is also at risk when such casinos are hacked. Some of its features, such as transparency, immutability, and security, can help the gambling industry in many ways.

Some casinos take ages to process cashouts, which is somehow frustrating. It thus means that the placing of bets is also delayed. The casinos are stand to benefit from real-time accounting and reconciliation. The number of steps in a typical casino transaction is also reduced through a blockchain solution. Some casinos accept crypto payments, which opens up the market in a bigger way.

Payment options will get easier

Gone are the days when one head to the bank, withdraw cash, and then go and stake in a land-based casino. There were also days when one had to wait for some time before the deposit reflects on the casino platform. The modern-day online casinos now allow people to pay through various payment options that suit their needs, irrespective of the region. You can now make a deposit and play blackjack online after a few seconds.

Mobile payment and bank transfers are some of the most common payment options that online casinos accept at the moment. Expect to have more options that have zero or reduced deposit fees. The same is also happening to withdrawal charges. We expect that casinos will continue working with platforms that guarantee the clients' money security.


The concept started as a fun activity where friends could come together and play video games. When internet was introduced, it became possible to play against friends remotely. It reached a point where people could watch these games online, and gamblers also became interested. The emergence of video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch has contributed to eSports’ growth.

 We now have professional players and leagues where different gamers compete, fans stream, and brands sponsor the tournaments and run adverts. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been documented as the first game which introduced betting on eSports. The Covid-19 has seen an increase in the number of play-hours on platforms such as Twitch. Expect the niche even to grow further as it is attracting attention from different industry players.

Live gaming

It is a live game from a casino game, shown through a live link. The game can also be streamed live from a land-based casino. There is a chat function that allows the players to communicate with the live dealer. The interaction that one gets with a live dealer creates a similar feeling you get in a real casino. The live gaming option allows you to also play against other players from different parts of the world. Some of the live games are also coming with VR reality to improve the experience that clients get.

A community is being born

In the past, people used to visit a casino to play and head back home. However, the trend is now changing, and families are being created. Individuals now want to identify with people with similar interests. Online casinos are now creating social families where players can interact, have fun, and exchange ideas. There are betting ‘gurus’ who have massive followings on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, where they share tips. Some of these gurus also test new slots and get endorsements.

We may not know what the future hold for us. However, some of the trends dominating the online gaming sector can only shed some light on us. It will take the cooperation of different industry players to make some of these dreams a reality.

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