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REVEALED: Olisa Metuh’s torn statement linked Jonathan to N400m – EFCC

Details have emerged about what the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, allegedly wrote in the to...

Details have emerged about what the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, allegedly wrote in the torn statement which he made under caution while in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on January 5.

The statements of the operatives who were said to have witnessed the incident and the “incidence record book” which gives details of the occurrence were part of the documents filed along with the charges of destruction of evidence preferred against him by the EFCC before a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja.

The court papers obtained on Sunday indicate that five operatives of the commission witnessed the incident which was said to have happened on January 5, 2016, the day the PDP spokesperson was arrested.

Metuh allegedly tore his statement on January 5, 2016 while being investigated for an alleged fraudulent receipt of N400m from the Office of the National Security Adviser and money laundering allegation involving a separate sum of $2m.

The court documents indicate that the pieces of the torn statement have been kept with the commission’s exhibit keeper.

The entry number 049 in the incident duty log which was recorded at 4.30pm by an EFCC detective, Junaid Sa’id, on January 5, 2016, reads, “Destruction OF Written Statement: I have booked the incident of tearing into pieces of statement by Mr. Olisa Metuh, who was given his statement to endorse after volunteering his statement and he decided to tear into pieces the third page of his four-page statement.

“The torn statement has however been registered with the Exhibit Keeper. Entry made by Det. Junaid Sa’id.”

The document gives the timeline and details of how Metuh’s arrest was effected at about 10.55am in his residence at Prince and Princess Estate in Gudu, Abuja, on January 5, up till when he allegedly tore part of the statement at about.4.25pm on the same day.

It also indicates that Metuh had stated in the part of the torn statement that the account in which the N400m was paid was requested for by former President Goodluck Jonathan, for payments to be made to settle some debts owed by the PDP.

It reads in part, “12.30 hours: Mr. Metuh Olisa began to volunteer his statement under words of caution.

“15.30 hours: Mr. Metuh Olisa concluded his statement which was of four pages. I passed the statements to the team leader, CSP Ibrahim Musa, to read over and endorse accordingly but in the process of reading and after endorsing pages one and two, he swiftly tore into pieces page three of his statement which read that former President Jonathan had asked him to make available, account details owed by his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, and the debts owed him personally and some media houses.

“He further stated that he gave the account details of Destra Investments Ltd. to the President and thereafter he received the payment of N400m into his company’s accounts which he used for specific assignments given to him by the President of which he was not willing to disclose for what purpose.

“I thereafter refused to give him page four of his statement for endorsement because I did not want him to tear it as well. This incidence (sic) happened in the presence of the following officers: Mr. Ibrahim Musa, Mr. Wetkas Michael, Mr. Bello Umar, Ms. Ibrahim, who were all carrying out their various assignments.

“16.30 hours: The torn page of the statement which is in pieces was registered with the exhibit keeper and the incident recorded in the incidence record book of the commission.”


  1. EFCC, step up the plate and install cameras in your facilities. In some countries, even patrol policemen wear body camera to record the slightest events these days. No longer do security matters rely 100% on word of mouth. A picture is worth a thousand words. Modernize!

    1. You are very correct indeed. It's shameful that they couldn't even capture the act on film. Now it's their word against his.


  2. This issue of the present administration working together with EFCC is pointing towards asking the past administration to refund all the money they spent in running their own government. This is why people like feel that the whole thing will be effort in futility. This government of buhari should please, move this Country forward economically.

  3. If up till now if you cannot prove your claim by way of recording proceedings with CCT V cameras then your not serious, 3quater Nigerians may not believed you, although I belived you.

  4. If up till now if you cannot prove your claim by way of recording proceedings with CCT V cameras then your not serious, 3quater Nigerians may not believed you, although I belived you.

  5. EFCC, stop this display of foolishness on your part. Don't u have other copies?

  6. I didnt believe EFCC,was metuh under influence of alcohol while writing the statement initial, to tore it at the same moment. we should reason wise

  7. I didnt believe EFCC, was Metuh under influence of alcohol while writing the statement and tore it at the same moment.

  8. EFCC should go and watch discovery ID or Crime and investigation channel on dstv. Why are we so backward in this part of the world. We are only good at extortion and stealing, how can a whole EFCC not have cameras nor tape recorders.

    1. Or they should watch 24hours...very interesting film...I think they will learn a lot about how security ought to be ran...

  9. Nigeria should by now advance to the level of having CCTV all over the country and security agencies like EFCC and Police stations, but they don't want to do it for corruption sake....Every house, store, road, Police station, Congress, etc has CCTV installed everywhere.....This is not big technology but for crime prevention and evidence protection from people like Metuh that turn himself to Goat eating evidence.

  10. Dat is nothing but pure coruption. U think de dont know what de are doing? They shud all b arested they are encouraging coruption instead of fighting it. Very few of dem are sincere pls bring jack bawer let him teach dem. Have dey not been to training n courses? I beg make we hear word everyday same issue other countries are laughting. Nonsence.


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