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Buhari plans to install northerner as CAN leader - group

Tension is mounting within the Christian Association of Nigeria following an alleged plot by President Muhammadu Buhari to install a suc...

Tension is mounting within the Christian Association of Nigeria following an alleged plot by President Muhammadu Buhari to install a successor to its current President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, whose tenure expires in July 2016.

The All Progressives Congress is said to be interested in sponsoring a pro-Buhari clergy from the North so as to avoid any radical opposition to his administration from the Christian community.

But when contacted, the Special Adviser to the President (Media and Communications), Mr. Femi Adesina, dismissed the allegation and revealed that “Buhari does not interfere in the internal affairs of any organisation.”

He said, “It means that some Nigerians don’t know their President. Your President, Muhammadu Buhari, does not interfere in things like that; so, they need to know the person who is their President.

“The people making the allegation can’t insist that they are correct because that is the man for you and Buhari doesn’t interfere in anything. If he doesn’t interfere in state elections where his own party, the APC, is having candidates, how will he interfere in CAN elections? They don’t know their President.”

A group of Christians, under the aegis of Christ’s Redeemers’ Union, claimed that the Presidency was interested in CAN election for some selfish reasons.

The National Director of CRU, Dr. Abednego Olusola, in a statement obtained by journalists on Sunday in Abuja, said Christians would resist any plan by the Presidency to install a puppet as CAN President.

He said, “A top official in the Presidency, who is spearheading the campaign, has started deploying resources for logistics towards ensuring the emergence of a church leader in the northern part of the country believed to be friendly with Buhari.

“The government officials funding some religious leaders in the North have been recruited as foot soldiers to perfect the strategy. There is tension now in CAN and the action of the Presidency has polarised the association along North-South dichotomy, as northern religious members are being lobbied to support the plot.”

Olusola explained that the APC government was desperate to ensure the emergence of its candidate in CAN who would lead the Nigerian Christians community.


  1. PDP and Oritsejafor have come again ooo.

    They are now trying to sow discord among the people and leaders of the Nation.

    This is nothing but absolute rumor and outlandish rubbish.

    After they have plundered our Nation having shared all our scarce FOREX like ATM, now they want to sow discord among Nigerians.

    They now want to pitch the Christian Community against the leader of our dear Nation.

    God will judge the lineage of every son of Belial that is trying to sow discord among the Christians and PMB led government.

    Everyone of your evil plans against this honest leader shall never work and shall always fail.

    Imagine, when PMB had already demonstrated a high level of personal principle as expected of the Office of the President by not in any way influencing the outcome of leadership selection in the legislative chambers, someone is now trying to sell us rumors that this same PMB will now start involving himself in leadership selection if religious bodies, haba!!! You guys need to be more imaginative. Anyway, why should we expect anything short from people with reprobate minds, heaven damned and hell bound sons of Belial.

    Since you want to now sow discord among Nigerians and you want to pitch the praying Christians against an honest leader, I thus declare that;
    1. Your evil plan and intention against this Government shall never materialism nor ever see the light of the day.
    2. Everyone of you that has gathered to come up with the attempt shall feed yourselves with your own flesh and you will all drink your own blood.

    May The Lord continue to uphold our dear PMB and Everyone that is Sincerely Assisting him to safely steer our dear Nation out of this current state of hopelessness that we have found our selves in as a result of our scarce FOREX plundering by Fayose, GEJ, Dasuki, PDP, et al.

  2. God if this man is the best to be CAN president let his installation be successful. just pray for the be best.

  3. If he could intafare in vice Chancellors postings and Rev mbaka' so affairs then Nigerians should expect all intafarance in any organisation. No be today we see hausa and Uta.

    1. God bless you. Buhari has interfered in everything and getting his man (whether 'Christian' or not) at the helm of CAN affairs is a huge success for his hidden agenda. A man who has refused to tell Nigerians the truth about everything he does - changed media personnel et al to conceal what he is doing. What will he not want to interfere with to go along with his agenda. I only pray for and pity those naive Christians who are being deceived. My joy remains: God's hand is upon this nation. No man can thwart His plans.

  4. Baldadash! You talk crap. Why not say Buhari is trying to install a Moslem as CAN President?

  5. Christians pray the right person in. Buhari, if interested, is too small to stop what God will do if only His people will pray. Nigeria is not for sale and it doesn't matter what gimmicks involved. God won't give Nigeria over to wicked plots and plans. He sees through all. Christians only need to pray.

  6. Some groups are senseless. What a misconception from idiotic group. #Fireonbuhari

  7. God let your will be done in Naija through our leader PMB

  8. I wonder why these people are shouting. If CAN is truly of God then such plans will not succeed. However if CAN is NOT of God, not only will Buhari install his choice, he can infact install a Muslim as the head of CAN.

  9. The question is, when has CAN become a federal government affairs? I thought the decision is that of the Christians! Northerner or southerner as long as he is chosen by the Christians and he is a Christian, or is Christianity now about tribe? It sounds foolish to think Buhari has nothing else to do now than to be interested in CAN presidency. People should stop peddling fake new.

  10. Mbaka will get it maybe


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