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‘Africa’s biggest Jesus statue’ unveiled in Nigeria

Nigeria on Friday unveiled a nine-metre tall statue of Jesus Christ carved from white marble, thought to be the biggest of its kind in Af...

Nigeria on Friday unveiled a nine-metre tall statue of Jesus Christ carved from white marble, thought to be the biggest of its kind in Africa.

The Bishop of Orlu Catholic Diocese, Most Rev. Augustine Ukwuoma on Friday unveiled the African tallest statue of Jesus Christ weighing 8.5metres (28ft) at St. Aloysius Catholic Parish, Abajah, Imo.

The statue made of marble is bigger than the 20 metres (66 foot) Ramesses II Abusimbel statue in Egypt.

Ukwuoma Performed the ceremony shortly after a mass attended by the Bishop Emeritus of Orlu Diocese, Most Rev. Gregory Ochiagha, and more than 100 priests at St. Aloysius Parish Abajah compound on Friday.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Chief Obinna Onuoha, who donated the Jesus statue had constructed 2, 000 seating capacity parish church at St. Aloysius in the year 2012.

NAN further reports that the unveiling of the statue was used to mark the wedding golden jubilee ceremony of the parents of Obinna, Chief Geoffrey, and Lolo Justina Onuoha.

Ukwuoma, who described the statue as magnificent, commended the Onuoha family for the gift and their benevolence to the church.

“This statue is a great symbol of Christian faith, and I pray that for the Catholics that the statue will continue to constantly remind us of what Jesus Christ stands for us.

“For other passersby, looking at the statue will also bring them closer to Jesus,” the Bishop said.

Speaking on the golden jubilee, the cleric used the medium to remind marital couples on the need to see marriage as a vocation through which they could positively impact on the society.

“God did not call any of us clergy and religious to be fathers and mothers, but those called into this vocation must use it to reflect God’s peace, love and unity.

Chief Obinna Onuoha, the Managing Director of Premier Petroleum Ltd., and the donor of the statue, said that he constructed the statue to fulfill a vow he made to God in the year 1997.

“Asking why I constructed this statue is like asking how do I came to this world, I am a Christian and a Catholic and Jesus statue represents my faith.

“I believe we are here on earth for different purposes and each person moves with his/her instincts, and I was motivated to do this to build up the faith of this community,’’ he said.

Onuoha, who did not mention the cost of the statue, added, “it took about three years to construct and erect the Jesus De Saviour statue at Abajah.”



  1. I thought they worship Virgin Mary. Wetin happen now

    1. May God remove the spirit of ignorance from you.

  2. Africans just follow the white man blindly. Jesus didn't look the way the Europeans depicted him. First century Jews were dark skinned and looked nothing like the way they have potrayed Jesus to the rest of the world!

  3. But our LORD JESUS has taken fleet from Niga now. But come to think of itoo, that money you used to erect that edifice, are you sure that if it passes through fire that it will not turn to plastic? Are you sure you are not among the hypochrists? In any ways, the last day shall decide. That money could have done a lot for the youths in your village. JUST MY OPINION.

    1. Did you say his money 'could have done a lot for the youths'? And what are the youths doing to help themselves? Or they are waiting for handouts like they always do. I'm just saying too

  4. May god bless and reward ur faithfully

  5. Lets free our minds from all sorts of bondages!

  6. "Your personal taught", "your deeds", "your heart" what our Almighty God looks at. I think He'll judge us by all these, not your religion, not what Jesus or prophet Mohammed looked like or did while on earth. Leave Catholics, Muslims, and other religions alone. Work personally to be with God or Allah when you die. Nobody or any religion will come to your aid when you are in front of God for judgment. So be wise all and watch your comments. Have a Blessed day!!!!

  7. Watch your comments all. Your personal taught, your personal deeds and your heart is what I think Almighty God will use to Judge us. Leave the statue alone, leave Catholics alone and please leave Muslims and other religions alone. The statue, catholisim or Muslim or any other religiok will save you when you stand "one on one"with God or Allah! Work for your salvation personally. God Bless.

  8. Salvation is personal, please stop the criticism.

  9. Jesus is not white. It tells that in that in the bible. He feet were like bronze and hair of wool. Free your mind


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