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Jonathan congratulates incoming president, Buhari

President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), ...

President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on his victory in the Saturday’s presidential election.

NigerianEye gathered from a top government official that Jonathan had called Buhari on the telephone to congratulate him.

The moment Buhari received the phone call from Jonathan, and responded 'Thank you Mr President'

According to our source, President Goodluck Jonathan made a telephone call at exactly 5:15pm to Buhari in Abuja, Jonathan assured him of maximum cooperation and smooth transition.


  1. GEJ is good and gentle. Na Mama Peace contribute to his wahala

  2. Sorry Mr president. You were misled or you simply lacked the quality to lead this country. My advise for u is to resign quietly without listening to your wife and stupid advisers. You can still salvage ur name

  3. Diaris God o, Mr & Mrs razor sharp mouth, Johathan

  4. That is sportsmanship, I know that Jonathan is a good man but that is not enough. I advice that you resign peacefully and redeem your image.

  5. I hope he means it and hands over to our distinguished honorable disciplined president. I hope he won't go to court and file a certain suit stopping Buhari from being sworn in. God bless Nigeria

  6. Please, whatever happened, GEJ deserves our respect ,lot of it. HE had every apparatus to scuttle this process or manipulate it to his favour but he chose to be honourable and allow Nigerians decide. Agreed he made some mistakes but we should known that there is no messiah as far as governance is concerned. Even the Americans are not satisfied with their so called super president.GEJ deserves some respect for giving room to the will of the people. God bless Nigeria, God bless GEJ.

  7. President Jonathan is a stateman and God fearing too.Time will come when you will be apreciated especially by those that insulted and called you names.You are on the right side of history.May God who knows the heart of every man reward and bless you.Thank you sir for your humility,for being a true democrat,for consolidating our democracy,for conducting a free and fair elections,for your forgiving heart and above all for loving God and fearing Him.

  8. Loving God and fearing, Hmmm. Yet, he allows corruption on a large scale in his govt. His minsters and allies eg Stella Odoa who spent millions of public funds to purchase bullet proof cars and whom he reluctantly sacked after pressures frm all quartets. Jonathan said "ordinary stealing people call it corruption" as if stealing is less of a crime.what happened to God's saying "thou shall not steal" He did little to curb poverty among the masses when he and his ministers/special advisers are living flamboyant lifestyles. Yet, u call him God fearing ! What God ? We got tired of their lies and thus voted them out. He deserves no praise no respect whatsoever.
    The next episode is to call on these outgoing politicians to prove how they got their wealth. Probe time is here. Heads must roll. Get these money back into the national treasury to be used to rebuild the nation. Heads must roll !!!!!!

  9. GEJ, the usual pathological portrait of a Wolf in Sheep Clothing.

    In my humble opinion and assessment, GEJ was snookered into quickly conceding defeat.

    All glory, honor and thanks to Almighty God for the wisdom, composure and manner in which Prof. Jega handled Elder Orubebe, making the evil scheme of GEJ and PDP to seriously backfire.

    GEJ was forced to quickly concede defeat knowing fully well that he can never be exonerated from the shameless manner (which for the records, GEJ has never officially rebuked to this day) that Elder Orubebe portrayed our dear Nation Nigeria.

    Let it be known to all well meaning Nigerians that as we speak, GEJ has not in his private or official capacity dissociated himself from the public shameful behaviour of Elder Orubebe.

    By this, I really wonder whether majority have not lost the sense of knowing what is truly right and wrong.

    May the good Lord in His infinite mercies complete the deliverance of Nigerians and Nigeria at large in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen.


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