Obasanjo Blasts Jonathan Again: ‘Keep your reply, save Nigeria!’

As the Presidency prepares a reply to the 18-page letter written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Goodluck Jonathan on the state of the nation, indications emerged, yesterday, that the former leader was not expecting any reply but action from Jonathan.

A competent source revealed that Obasanjo was more interested in Jonathan addressing the core issues he raised in his letter rather than getting a reply to his damning missive, entitled, 'Before it is too late'.

The source, which also denied any breakfast meeting between Obasanjo and Jonathan in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, said the story was made up by those who tried to play down the importance of the former leader's letter.

The source said,"The truth of the matter is that former President Obasanjo is not expecting President Jonathan to reply him. Absolutely no.

The President did not consider it needful to respond to previous letters privately written to him by the former head of state and he does not expect any reply to this one.

"I can tell you that Obasanjo wrote the letter with the best intentions for Jonathan and Nigeria and what he wants from the President is courageous and timely actions to save Nigeria from the brink. That's all.
"Obasanjo will be a happy Nigerian if appropriate steps are taken by President Jonathan to address the burning issues of corruption and other challenges that threaten to bring this country down.

"There is absolutely no reason to expect a reply from the Presidency when previous letters written to him were not even acknowledged."
It was however learnt, at the weekend, that presidential aides have drafted a response to Obasanjo's letter.

The response was said to be awaiting Jonathan's approval.

Asked to justify the breakfast parley between the former President and Jonathan in Kenya on the day the bromide of Obasanjo's letter was feasted on by the media, the source said there was no meeting between the two leaders.

The source said that Obasanjo and Jonathan only met by chance and exchanged pleasantries as they lodged in the same hotel in Nairobi.

Obasanjo stirred controversy when he wrote a letter to Jonathan drawing his attention to myriad of issues capable of taking Nigeria to the brink if not addressed.

But the Presidency fired back, describing the letter as inciting, provocative and self-serving. Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, who's issued a statement, indicated that Jonathan would make  a formal response but did not say when he would do so.

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  1. Probe Obasanjo on ITT and IPP funds. This is a good opportunity for ex-presidents to be accountable. This exercise will send Obasanjo back to prison where he belongs. Obasanjo is the most corrupt Nigerian. He should be made to give account of his stewardship under the military and civilian rule particularly on FESTAC activities when he said that Nigeria's problem was how to spend her money. What a corrupt ugly monster accusing somebody far better than him. GEJ, be courageous enough to probe these agents of demon.

    1. It's morons like you that are dragging this nation backward. People that shy away from the truth 'cos of some stupid and baseless religious or ethnicity bigots!

  2. Instead of Jonathan to address the issue in the letter he was busy preparing a reply. What a shameless drunkard!

  3. Instead of Jonathan to address the issue in the letter he was busy preparing a reply. What a shameless drunkard!

  4. OBJ should be replied word for word allegations for allegations

  5. There has to be something more to this tale... when an ex-president, the cbn governor and the lower house speaker, say a thing that they are all guilty of and personify that thing in a person, it is two ways either the person is at the very root of uprooting what his administration (because he was not accursed) was accursed of or it would have been unprecedented scale of corruption, I would rather go with the first, the president had always shown from the beginning that he has nothing to loose, well the drama is still unfolding stay tuned!

  6. If i were d GE,l will give a fool's answer (silence) to all ds destractors. What did obasanjo do to help nigerians during his time?

  7. mr president to be sincere. we need to be focused. because what obj is saying is fundermental. so we need to officially address it not replying his leter there are problems mentioned so let those broblem be addressed in the intrest of one nigeria. obj is not interested in political office rather in the oneess of nigeria so pls. see it from that perspective and do the rite thing now b4 it will be too late

  8. Obasanjo is a very irresponsible elder statesman. He should not have written that letter or make same public. the likes of Gowon Shagari IBB ABUBARKAR have shown more maturity and sense.

    only a stupid child will step out tow stones at his father's house and turn around to gloat over it!

  9. Anonymous 6:20 I dont blame u, had it been any of ur family members has been the victim of insurgence of Boko haram as a result of this ur so call dull and coward Jonanthan, who has forgotten his duty as to protect lives and property. The president that promotes corruption instead of cautioning and fulfil his bunch of lies when he was campaining to the poor masses. Even if OBJ has his own shortcoming that does not mean the poor nigerian should wallowing in pain from one polical leader to another without any critics from any angle. Enough of wicked leaders, we cant just continue like this.

  10. A house that is divided can not stand, U baba why rattling GEJ,Baba u never perform that why u seek for 3rd term saga. If u have useful advice approach our president GEJ in a more respective manner not by insulting him on facebook and roaring like u were able to save Nigeria when u were in power. No man can save this country for now except God and must pass through an anointed servant like GEJ. Stop opening ur mouth and roaring just for nothing-rather pray to God to forgive Nigerians and heal the Land

  11. Well,this is my candid opinion, we don't have to personalize issues and if anyone has any grudges with any leader,comments are allowed but lets look at the issue at hand, genuine or not. Obasanjo definitely may have his own faults but I assure you, nigerians in this era may not have a president as determined, corrupt minded and bold as Obasanjo. He jailed his IG, tried his minister for corrupt acts and even dealt with George, if he has any skeleton in his cupboard I bet you he won't do all that. Even a baby knows Jonathan is not performing, he is leaving all to God to sort out and he blvs things will sort themselves out, that is the reason, power is not working, trouble in polity, security is nil, roads are death traps, businesses are not moving except those stealing, corruption on the increase without anyone hammered, my brother, we will not know peace until we take control and put our destinies in our hands. Thank you.

  12. Remove the lug in ur eyes to see clearly to help remove the speck in another person's eyes.I believe those making noice here are the northerners(born to rule).They hated OBJ until then but because they are using whatsoever way to do away with GEJ.They concure with OBJ's letter.Boko haram is their handiwork and other secret evils in Nig.I know it because iam a northerner and we are experiencing alot of challenges from this hypocrates.

  13. one that must apprach justice must do so without blame.obj the longest serving political leader in this country should no better that dirty linin need not be washed in public.This is because different people have different ways of reasoning.If truelly he had Nigerian in mind as a patrotic elderstate man that he claimed to be,he would have assessd other option like ex president forumn,elder statemen forum among others to solve this assumed issues of national concern rather than going to the press and scoring some cheap political but irrelevant points.If all our ex leaders would follow his foostep and make damaging and unrepentant comments for their aggrandisement,i will wonder what will be left of this great country of ours.

  14. At least OBJ has tried by telling GEJ the truth even though i have my reservation over his stewardship as head of state and president, Nigerians should applaud OBJ for awakening us than keeping mute like other ex rulers. WELL DONE BABA.

  15. anonymous 8:38, I agreed with you OBJ could have at least call for all the ex-president forum while they looks for good ways and manner to correct GEJ not by flaunting the whole nation into chaos.

  16. Hmmm! Nigerians sef. Allegations were levelled not by an orsdinary peron but by a former president and elder statesman and we are here turning it into a debate of for or against when we should be telling the presidency to respond to the allegations made and the house to investigate the presidency. na wa o for nigeria.sentiments no go kill us o.East, West, North or South all we want is good leadership and a committed and \god fearing leader that will take \nigeria to the next level. This zoning rubbish is causing wahala for us, All we want is a leader who considers himself a Nigerian first before ethnic lines.


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