APC, others attacking me because of 2015 –Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday hit back at his critics and opposition parties, accusing them of painting his administration “bad before the global community.”

He therefore warned that he would not allow their selfish ambition for the 2015 general election to destroy the country.

His warning is coming six days after an 18-page letter in which a former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, made scathing remarks about his administration was made public. It also came less than 24 hours after the opposition All Progressives Congress called on the National Assembly to immediately commence impeachment proceeding against Jonathan for alleged gross misconduct.

Although he has yet to personally respond to Obasanjo’s letter and the APC’s call for his impeachment, the Peoples Democratic Movement and the Nigeria Labour Congress on Monday, said he needed to do so because the allegations levelled against him by the former President were weighty.

At a lecture and award ceremony in Abuja on Monday, Jonathan told his critics to be cautious in attacking his administration because it was the selfish ambition of some politicians that led to the “wrongful overthrow” of the Shehu Shagari administration in 1983.

He was represented at the annual lecture, the third in a series by Nigerian Pilot Newspapers and Nigerian Newsworld, by the Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku.

The President claimed that the criticisms against his administration were not constructive enough to challenge his development strides.

Jonathan,who said he had developed a “thick skin against such criticisms”, however advised politicians to thread with caution as their actions could destabilise the democractic structures already in place in the country.

He said, “There is a difference between ambition and reality. Go for your ambition, nobody is disturbing you because it is a free world. Go and compete, but don’t pull down this country called Nigeria because of your personal ambition. It is unacceptable.

“I think there is a difference between debates and insults. I reject insults and the fact that I am a public officer doesn’t give anybody the liberty to insult me. Most of the time you cannot detach the Office of the President and honour of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“There are people who are honestly trying to put things down for this country to move on. I think we can see the difference between facts and fiction.

“Let us not continue to behave as if we can pull down our own house; we as politicians and public servants should not behave as if we were picked on the streets. You don’t just go and pour acid on the faces of public officers.

“When Shagari was overthrown in 1983, there was a lot of noise that the government was not doing anything and nothing was not said about Shagari’s regime.

“Shagari was overthrown amidst lies….The greatest shame of this country is Ajaokuta Steel Complex. If Shagari was there, by 1986, he would have completed Ajaokuta.”

But Maku took a swipe at the media, stressing that on a daily basis, they were awash with highly fictional information.

He said, “If you look through our media reports today, we see insults and abuses, every day. If somebody did not abuse Mr. President, it will look as if there is no journalism on that day.

“We are talking about our country, our nation’s institutions and democracy; we are talking about setting standards for this democracy, standards of behaviour, standards of conduct and standards of principles of behaviour and every democracy must be parliamentary. We should not go personal, but we are going too personal.”

Maku compared the media to a mirror, which when broken, gives a false image.

He said, “We must not destroy the mirror and present the image as ugly.

“The mirror is very important in conveying the good image of our people. We have completely ignored issues on the ground and we are embarking on personality debates.

“The way we are sensationalising the development of this nation in public debates, is so annoying and it is not supposed to be so. I am a big time journalist.

“But there is a difference between reporting events and articulating a position because the media are supposed to articulate public debates. When the media embark on abuse and insults, the people will be confused.”

He also stated that the liberty being enjoyed by Nigerians had been taken for granted simply because “the President believes in the rule of law.”

But as he spoke, the PDM, like the APC, called on the National Assembly to impeach Jonathan if he failed to defend himself against the allegations by Obasanjo.

It also advised Nigerians to stop trusting him since he had been unable to do so.

The party argued that the allegations contained in the former President’s letter were earth-shaking.

In a statement on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Ahmadu Abubakar, the PDM listed all the allegations in the letter and said the President, in his interest and that of the country, must address them.

It said it was bad that Jonathan , instead of addressing the issues, resorted to crude means of answering them.

The statement reads in part,” If the President cannot defend himself of these allegations, he should come clean and openly say so instead of resorting to the dubious tactic of non response.

“If he cannot defend himself against these grave allegations levelled against him by no less a personality than … a person who knows fully the implications of what he says, there is no reason why Nigerians should trust him a day longer than necessary with the fate of their country.

“In which case, he should either promptly resign or be impeached.”

It also called on the National Assembly to fully and painstakingly investigate Obasanjo’s allegations by first, asking the President to fully explain himself.

Also, the NLC called on Jonathan to respond to the “weighty” allegations against his administration.

The congress, through its Acting General Secretary, Mr. Chris Uyot, told one of our correspondents that Jonathan’s response was needed because the allegations bordered on national security and the management of the nation’s economy.

It also urged the ruling Peoples Democratic Party to ensure that its lingering internal crisis did not engulf the country.

The labour group argued that since the letter by Obasanjo became public knowledge, Nigerians had patiently waited for a response from Jonathan.

It said, “The issues raised are weighty enough for the President to respond to. One of the issues borders on national security while another is on the management of the economy.

“As far as we are concerned, Obasanjo wrote a letter to the President and made those allegations, and Nigerians want him to respond to the said letter. The NLC would respond to the controversy at the appropriate time.”

Obasanjo had in the letter dated December 2, 2013 and titled, “Before it is too late,” accused Jonathan of taking actions inimical to the well-being of the nation.

The former President also alleged that the President was committing anti-party activities against the ruling PDP because of his political ambition.

Obasanjo, who accused Jonathan of training snipers and putting 1, 000 politicians under watch, alleged that he was also dividing the country along ethnic and religious lines.

But the NLC said that the ruling class in the country had been engulfed by a war which Nigerian workers must avoid.

It said that workers should be watchful and vigilant enough to avoid being drawn into taking sides in the fray among the ruling elite.

The congress added, “This is not the time for sentiments; it calls for reflection, we all know the problem of Nigeria. Let the PDP not make its problem a national problem.”
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  1. Goodluck should grow up and stop playing dumb you say your critics aren't constructive enough isn't Obj's letter constructive enough? Answer Nigerians or Resign!!! You were elected your not a king so Nigerians have a right to question even Kings a questioned. naija wake up

  2. OBJ letter isnt constructive enough because he has not proved his allegations. When he does then the president has a case to answer. the issue here is about 2015 and what may happen to our so called ruling class if this guy continues in power. the all foresee a situation where the injustices of the past will be corrected. imagine a situation where 85% of our oil wells are controlled by a certain section of the country that does not have oil at all and do not bother to even reinvest that amount in their region. i sit the issue of nepa that is being tackled vigorously and which is going to leave so many of this elites out of a source of income. If the man was training snipers people would have died already. how many people have been killed so far by govt forces; infact the killings we have had so far have come from states and involve politicians who are fighting against each other. OBJ i do recall killed more people in his time than all those that have been killed during this guys administration.These politicians should stop disturbing us the people and contest for elections if they feel they have something better to offer. they dont even have a candidate but just want this guy out. I ask this one question they say nigeria is moving backwards but can anybody honestly say that his qualityof life has reduced drastically within the last five years> It may not have been better but certainly not worse off than when this guy came in. If they really want to move this country forward all of them should return all their stolen loot and plough it back into the country, they should cancel all oil well leases and reallocate equally between all the geopolitical zones wiht the oil producing states getting 40% and the rest of the country getting 60%.nigerians should open their eyes and see what is really happening. OBJ is only playing to the tune of his fellow monopolistic class whoo are accusing him of having forced GEJ upon them and not being able to control him.

  3. Good talk, no sentiment, bless you my man

  4. Nobody in Nigeria can impeach Goodluck, if your father is Goodluck you tell him to Resign,MUMU,FOOL, STIPUD BOY.

    1. They want 2 appoint one mumu that will live 4 pilgrimage 2 saudy arab,thereby making room 4 millitary take over again.QUESTION?????How many Xtians had been deported from Jerusalem ?NIGERIANS be wise , one bitten twice shy.

  5. Just give us one reason why you should be elected in 2015!!!? Jona, u have no reason at all..for the period as a president you have not done any concrete thing in the country .. corruption on the high side, infrastructure is zero, no power supply.. Pls for my advice u should go back to ur village and allow people that will move this country forward to come to position not someone like u who is encouraging corruptions...

  6. President Goodluck,does not need to answer his critics. Silence is golden. Obasanjo should peoduce his evidence. Nigerians are not footballs that some few politician can continue to kick around. How many politicians have been killed since the president took Office? Because some footballers are removed because of lack of performance,they turn around to destroy the coach & the whole team. Abeg,Mr President,concern yourself to the good work you swore to Nigerians . God bless you & my beloved Nigeria. Lets them talk.

  7. Just listen to him, to me he thinks like teens. He has no aura, in thinking, talking, looks, and behavior. Generally he lacks the quality of a leader. Although, he is the president but he is always looking poor. Infact, he has a zero character.
    I can't wait for 2015.

  8. IN NIGERIAN POLITICS THE WISE ARE ALWAYS NUETRAL... If You Say GEJ Will Not Continue Who Do You Think You Are Protesting for ???? Not For Nigerians, Northerners Who Think Of their Selfs alone

    They Don't have Oil yet They Control 83% Oil Blocks,, Only a fool Will think We Will Stil Remain as one nation If This Oil Belong To the North.. All This Pressure On GEJ Is Just For Them To grab Power But The Core Northern Leaders Has Failed Again Like Their Propelled Boko Haram..

    Let Us See That Angel Micheal That Will Take Over From GEJ,, APC We Are Still Waiting To See Your Presidential Candidate....

  9. Mr President is a God sent to this nation,GEJ you are not on your own,you are elected by the citizens of Nigeria into that office of the president of the republic of this country Nigeria,continue with your good work and silence is the best answer to fools,APC are really demonstrating how rule this country by being insultive to the nation,I think should concentrate on how to win the next election,the manners in which they are using will not take them any further,the oposition should grow up and act maturedly,God bless Nigeria.

  10. You people should leave Oga Joe alone! these so called gang of political parties are only fighting for their selfish aims, some of them was in power before, let's trace their history, what have they done in the past to convince the country that they can do better now, they are only crying over a split of milk, abeg allow the sleeping dog to lie down, they just bunch of self center people, Nigerians you guys should better seat down and do your calculations well don't allow any noise makers to distract Nigerians' from his original plan, the distractions is too much on Jonathan they did not give this man a breathing space right from day one till date why not give chance a trial and i don't know why Fani Kayode has turn himself to MR. ADVOCATE. Please get busy and find something to do instead of criticism, there are still other ways you can make your contribution to the country to move forward instead of all these noise making, guys grow up and let's work for the growth of this country instead of pulling it down with others. God help us.

  11. Wit all dis, i see no future for d youths in dis country. We are watchin in no time youths n children wil strike. I warned!! Bagwell.

  12. OBJ's letter is very constructive. In fact, OBJ has warned GEJ in person about some of the failures in the country but GEJ ignored and the problems remain unresolved.

    The major problem in Nigeria today is corruption. OBJ identified corruption in his letter too. Everybody in Nigeria knows the weight of corruption everywhere. GEJ appear powerless to tackle corruption. This single matter of corruption makes GEJ incapable of leading Nigeria because his accomplishes are looting and getting away with it. GEJ has no realistic plan to correct the magnitude of corruption in his administration.

    GEJ lacks the capability as a leader. He must answer the letter from OBJ because silence is not golden if his leadership capacity and capability has been called into question among the electorate. He was elected to be a capable leader, not a weakling. Nigeria electorate have a right to receive answers within 24 hours of GEJ receiving the letter from OBJ otherwise a vacuum will be assumed.

  13. so you think the power to stop corruption lies with one person? you must be a joker then. For the sake of this forum we all know tinubu to be a very corrupt person, if say Gej orders that he be arrested today what do you think will happen? keep that answer to yourself . The president does not have power to sentence anyone to jail only the law courts ahev that power so is ti his fault when people are indicted by efcc and then the law courts set them free? Then again we have a situation in this country whereby the rich will always get away with corrupt practices because they can afford to pay the best lawyers and elongate their case for so long that even when they are finally convicted they do not spend more than 6months probably in one hospiatl or the other. we are all part of the problem ony difference is you have a president that believes in the rule of law as opposed to an obasanjo that will take laws into his own hands and be both the judge and jury in the case. Nigerians should wake up and start realising that the issue is a systemic one and most be tackled as such. FFk is shouting all ver town now only because he has a corrupt case hanging onhis neck, likewise bukola saraki, likewise el rufai. So who is deceiving who? Nigerian remains a royalty country with a royaly govt and until we have a national conference to discuss and rectify all these we will never have peace. as for those calling for his impeachment i dare them to try it and see the outcome of their actions. My advise to GEj is to continue doing his work for they say slow and steady wins the race. Only time will judge whether he has been fair to us all or not> also he should run for a second term as he is legally entitled to and should also exercise full executive power by first of all revoking all oil licences given and start too reallocate amicably between all the major regions in the country and let the names of such licence holders be known to all and sundry so that they can be held accountable

  14. I blieved u dont know d history of ds country.ASKED those who knows what process does d coutry use to prduce oil if not from d north u have nothing even cocoa. our gnut skin cow tmato onion are d main root of d oil u are proud wt.if ur parent are a lve ask dem to tell d truth.

  15. Some pples future have been bought in this forum by hepopotamus gej and iz hiz of thieves. I pity ur conscience and family. High time I stopped reading comments from this forum. Goodluck

  16. You can help GEJ to reply the letter now mumu no go look for job do......APC will takeover and we will see the miracle they will perform useless people

  17. Animal put your father there now.....illitrate human being

  18. Your father can not do half of what GEJ is doing .....idiot did u think that sit is family seat u will just open ur mouth as if u no dey reason.....those who rule frm day one what are the changes bf GEJ

  19. You can help GEJ to reply the letter now mumu no go look for job do......APC will takeover and we will see the miracle they will perform useless people


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