Family member dies, others hospitalised after cassava meal

A member of a family of eight in Uvuru, Uzo Uwani Local Government, Enugu State, has died of suspected food poisoning while the others are still hospitalised.

The News Agency of Nigeria learnt that the family of Mr Clement Alumona was thrown into confusion after eating a meal made from cassava flour as they began to vomit blood and began stooling.

Dr. Oji Chimaroke of the Bishop Shanahan Hospital, told NAN that the family was brought in by relatives on Sunday, while one of them, Bridget, 4, died on Monday.

Chimaroke said the other members of the family, except Clement's wife, Veronica, had come out of intensive care and were now recuperating.

The doctor said Veronica's case was still serious as of Tuesday afternoon.

Family sources told NAN that Veronica bought dry cassava tubers, which were ground into flour for the preparation of `alibo', which they consumed.

NAN learnt that each member of the family was transfused with two pints of blood in the hospital.
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  1. Why is it that this type of death occurs here more than other area? May be due to abject poverty. Again too much of something is bad.
    The truth is that this part of the land is cursed, that is why they run to other places like Lagos and become destitutes. I am saying this because a lot of Igbo people go to Lagos only to look for where to farm. If you doubt me, please go to any outskirts of Lagos, say Ikorodu, Shasha, Badagry, Abule Egba, Epe, it, you will see them there. Nawa for Igbo o. Erosion has finished them yet they can not hold their government responsible instead they blame or jealous others that are performing. It's a shame. Too greedy. FFK has said it all. You may look at it as insulting, after all this are statement being made to an average Igbo man, either in the market, office..... etc. God knows if I am an Igbo man all I need to do is to sit down and think about all of those accusation made by FFK then have a rethink of my self first and then the rest of Ndigbo. You know some body has to say what has been said......meaning the truth has to be told. Where in Nigeria did you see some body in the market being drag to come and by something, knowing full well that the individual new why he or she decide to go to a place called market where choices abound. Why the call wetin you wan buy. come buy I get am. All this are Igbo ideas. Ndigbo Think. I want an answer o, because I have more even more than FFK.

  2. Onefuwa or whatever you call yourself, your comments reek of jealousy for the Igbo race. Please be careful and watch your words and note that each tribe has it's own peculiarities, leave Igbos to their own and mind your own tribe. Who God Has Blessed No One Can Curse, whether you like it or yes, IGBOS rock any day any time.

  3. Wch rock hahahahahahahahahaha den go bck 2 ur home, cum try kano na hmmmmmmmm una body go tell una hmmm


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