Jonathan betrayed us - Middle Belt

Middle Belt Dialogue, made up of minority groups in the North on Wednesday, accused President Goodluck Jonathan of betraying them by not recognising and appointing their own people into government, preferring to empower those planning his downfall in 2015.

The group also accused the President of neglecting Middle Belt communities that were affected by the post-election violence of 2011 despite voting enmasse for him during the elections.

They noted that out of about 22 ministers appointed by the President from the 19 northern states, only five of them were appointed from local governments that actually supported and voted for him during the elections.

In a statement by Emma Alamo on behalf of the group’s Central Committee, the body wondered why the President decided to marginalise them after giving him all their support and preferred instead to “hobnob with those that promised to make the country ungovernable for him.”

They were reacting to the nomination of the governorship candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria in the 2011 elections in Kebbi state, Kabiru Turaki as a minister representing the state in place of Gen. Ben Ushe who was earlier proposed for the position following the sacking of Halilu Bello Mohammed as Minister of Defence.

The statement said, “Jonathan has gone out of his way to placate those who vigorously, albeit violently, opposed his election as President of the Federal Republic, and promised to make the country ungovernable, should he win the 2011 election.”
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  1. this is non sense. nobody send you and we middle belters dont know you. as regard sharing vis-a-vis nomination into positions, GEJ has no problem there. he is only a failure in other ramifications. if north doesn't support any candidate, that candidate cannot even win primary election. please note.

  2. People should mind there statement, North alone cannot decide who win even party election, like PDP not to talk of presidency.

    If they can why the merging (CPC,ANPP,A.C.N) ??

  3. The North of yesterday is different from the North of today. In fact there is no longer united North and there can never be again forever. The North has missed it, and would remain so. In those days, though the Northern Islamic North dominates the entire North, but they don't show discriminations as its today. The gap would continue to widen and no Christian in the North can align with the core Islamist again. I weep for you for making a grievous mistake.

  4. Warning! Warning!! Warning!!! Pls men of wisdom assist me as a matter of urgency. Oh! We shld take care with certain globalizatn issues & collaboration. Dia are serious external influence & efforts on developing nations to disintegrate & instigate crises alike to weaken dem 4 anoda planned logical & gradual invading & slavery. Who provide weapons, sell & distribute same to all manners of groups? Wen dey 1st used military to achieved al dey want and wen dey found out again dat military as spread out is given dem hard time dat is y the gradual shift to the imposing democracy again according to dia dictates. World politics, do we tink dat the developed will neva allow the developing to develop? 4 radical change & striking shake 4 Africa & to we Nigerians to take the lead & beta save our nation is to 1st send foreigners packing 4 a limited time 4 us to critically luk 4 way forward & any half cas will not be part of the caucus decision. Thereafter dat we can then allow any foreigner according to clear terms & conditions subjected to renewal with time to us.
    Internally, Ce hw we only claimed to be religious, moral, decent, discipline, educated, learned & civilized, if we are not clearly deceiving ourselves, I challenge Nigerians in particular & the world in general dat if we are not worshippers of devil & demons then we shld prove it wrong & completely ban & with hard laws on jst some of this evil things inimical to our society causing societal menace such as hard drugs (Indian hemp, cocaine etc), hard alcoholism along the varying energy drinks & it associates etc. & capital punishment on corruption & remove impunity. Do we know hw deadly is corruption & its attendant problems? Corruption is a silent killer, fast in killing many lives in silent & an economy. Or is dia any religion or any moral value or education in support of it? Yet we acclaim to one religion or the other to ourselves or we easily said we are moral, educated, discipline & all sort. Are we been jst to ourselves? Dis the root of our problems & we shld stop round abouting it. See hw we are wronging ourselves. If it continue as it dominate & we fail or presume to get it, is den a clear indications of clear devil & demons worshipping & of all our claims dat head any society towards a critical danger zone. The reality is that no gain, no gud but jst an illusion of a mere mirage if the right thing is not done, we still be waking each time & meet reality waiting. An aggregation of the whole made the world scientists, engineers & technologists as all “other smart ways” failed to resort for making an “alternative earth” the mars habitable, have we still make a headway or has it been achieved or we already in the mars planet? & wait, we are waiting…

  5. Anonymous 11.47 Christian in the North are free to align with whoever they want but I assure you they will continue to get more of such betrayals and disappointments in several ways as long as Nigeria remains as it is today. The core Islamists are not begging any christian for support. Do as you like Mr Northern Christian. If you like carry the middle belt to Bayelsa or Rivers state where you will be far away from the core Islamists of the North.

  6. Rascal, the core muslims of the north who have been using the middle belt to ride on, your antiques have been discovered, and the Christians in the north has the vast population to determine their destinies.
    you implore violence since you discover that your agenda is now opened.
    scattered north, and shame unto you.


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