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'Rescue operation was poor and delayed, we used Pure Water to put out the fire' - Residents.

The residents of the Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos state, South west Nigeria, early this morning blamed the death of hundreds in yesterday...

The residents of the Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos state, South west Nigeria, early this morning blamed the death of hundreds in yesterday's plane crash due to poor and delayed rescue operation.

According to them, If help had come early, the over 140 persons, who died in the Dana commercial air plane crash at Iju, Lagos, yesterday might have saved.

The residents revealed that, the aircraft did not explode immediately it crashed. It exploded after about 20 minutes.

An eyewitness said the incident happened between 3pm and 4pm.

Narrating how the crash happened, an eyewitness, who claimed anonymity noted that the aircraft was seen swinging before it eventually landed on a newly constructed storey building.

‘’I was here with my wife and other people when we saw the plane moving around in random directions. Initially we were confused, but when it was getting usually close to the rooftop of the houses around, we stood up and traced were it eventually landed,’’ he noted.

Continuing, the eyewitness said, ‘’When we go to the scene, we saw the plane on the building and it did not explode upon landing. The only fire from the aircraft was from the cockpit which was not much. It was only ten of us that first got to the scene. That little fire would have been quenchable if there was immediate emergency response from fire fighters. We were even using sachets of pure water to put off the fire before we heard loud explosion after 20 minutes.’’

It was further gathered that the absence of emergency response from concerned authorities, prompted one of the eyewitnesses at the scene to call the Chairperson of Local the Government, who informed the Lagos State Government.

‘’When we discovered that emergency rescue service was not on sight, my wife had to call the chairperson of the local government, who informed Fashola’s people. It was that call that altered the authorities. But if the rescue service had arrived on time, they would have been saved because there was no fire when the plane landed on the buildings. The pilot of the aircraft was very brave because we noticed it from the way the aircraft was swinging before it crashed,’’ another eye said.

What could have turned into another tragedy, occurred when the men of the Nigerian Army started dispersing sympathisers at the scene when they arrived.


  1. haaaa what an event that is uncalled for...when someone like gbenga daniels is eating billions which is more than enough to invest in our rescue operation sectors cos i believe if we have fire services in each local govt...those people wont die....cos they will put out the fire befor the blast ...once again i pray that GOD will punish all our corrupt leaders and they will meet their doom soonest

  2. The only wise one is the God almighty who had given the only begothen Son to save the entire world.Jesus Christ is His name,the wise 'll call on His name and be saved.Wise people,let us call on this name 'JESUS'and save the world if only for the sake of our innocent children!!

  3. This is absolutely pathetic.Generations and lovely families who were once beaming with joy now wiped up from the face of the earth just like that.How can you explain the death of the family of five-The husband,wife,a child and two infants all lost in this ugly scene.In situation like this,only God can unveil what really happens.The question we are not asking is the numbers of death that have occured under the Jonathan administration under one year of his tenure.Is it not that he has entered into some dangerous covenant of darkness who needs blood to fortify his reign?Is it that the gentleman did not know that the repercussion will be lost of lives like this?Is it not that these powers needed blood to secure him in office beyond 2015 and the wages to pay for this is the exchange of Souls for him to hold to power by all means?.....Hymmmmm.Shine your spiritual eyes Nigerians.

  4. uuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm na wa o 4 9ja may God help cos from him alone is our help.


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