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A Nigerian lady identified as Adaeze Ijemili has attracted attention on social media after she declared herself  to be a “river goddess”.

In a viral video, which surfaced online on Monday, the lady, while speaking in both Igbo and English, can be seen making some shocking claims about being an “Antichrist” and the “non-existence” of heaven. She also explained her ideology about reincarnation.

She said she had denounced Christianity long ago while also calling for Christians to signify interest in receiving her Bible, which she referred to as a novel “filled with lies”.

The lady, who goes by the name Adaeze Gift Okolie on Instagram, also stated that she now serves rivers and has no business with heaven.

“I was going through my things and I found this bible. I’m making this to video to tell you guys, those Christians. If you’re interested in this, send me your location,” she can be heard saying.

“I’ll kindly waybill it to you. I will pay for the waybill. I’m an antichrist, I denounced Christianity a long time ago. I’m a river goddess. I serve the river and I’m happy with it.

“I was laughing at myself, what’s this still doing in my house?  I just found it in my box where I keep old stuff. I thought of burning it but decided there are some people who still believe in these lies.

“Sorry for putting it that way but you Christians think that other religions are devilish, it’s only you people’s that is pure. But I’m water and I’m very pure. I don’t believe in this bullshit.

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“Don’t even preach to me about heaven, heaven does not exist. When you die, your soul goes to the spirit world, then you reincarnate. I’m the queen of the river, many rivers for that matter.

“So if you’re interested in this novel named bible, indicate and I’ll waybill it. I just want to respect your beliefs. That’s why I didn’t burn it. I don’t want to make heaven, I don’t want to go there.”

Checks on Adaeze’s social media handles showed moments where the young lady was spotted with diabolic supplies while being dressed in traditional outfits.

Ka ubochi afor mara anyi mma..isee I am as pure as that white am wearing..so don't get it wrong...they're different type of Ogbanje...river Ogbanje they're so kind and pure..they don't try to bring others down either they will take u along with them to raise So don't be deceived...no matter how rich you're if you're good in giving you're clearing ur way my dear..no matter the amount of money u have..you will still look for more..if u think am lying go and ask Dangote..because with all his wealth yet his still producing more goods..so don't let any single good u did for someone as nothing...because once u help someone solve there problem..Almighty will bring someone to solve your own problem too..a word is enough for the wise..much love from Adaeze💋..believe me I prayed for u all this morning 🙏🙏 #Ijemmili 💦💦💦💦
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A post shared by Adaeze Gift Okolie (@adaezegift_okolie) on

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These are the thing you need to do when you're cursed by someone 👇👇👇 watch the video very well to understand..also share this post so that others will learn from it..it might change someone's life for good👍 ITEMS NEEDED: 1. (Ahia nwadiba) which is that grass you're seeing in the picture you can find it along ur street.. 2. Two native eggs (2) 3. Hausa kola (gworo) into 2 piece 4. Native kola into 4 piece 5. Coconut 6. Male and female Cowry (Ego Ayoro) 7. A bucket of water DIRECTIONS :👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Firstly, go and ask the person that cursed you for forgiveness first before doing this for excellent result, if you've asked the person for forgiveness and he/she refused to forgive you..you're free to do this, secondly if there's no way you can reach the person again to ask them for forgiveness, maybe you lost contact with them or something, you can as well do this..but if you didn't ask them for forgiveness and do this it won't work for u at all👌 Use one of the native egg to pray first, use it to cleanse your body thoroughly, after that wave it over your head four times then you break it outside ur compound, get a bucket of water..mind you after using that bucket don't use it to bath again..break the bucket too, use the coconut to cleanse your body throughly as well, when cleansing you will say that you're cleansing any curse from any man or woman, after cleansing break the coconut and put the coconut water inside that bucket of water..the throw the broken coconut away you won't eat it and nobody will eat it either..put the remaining native egg inside the bucket of water, then bring the hausa kola to say this prayer ' Hausa kola is a dumb kola, so far is a dumb kola that you're using it to silent any voice of curse speaking in your life' while saying the prayer use the kola to cleanse your body..(you must do the hausa kola cleansing outside ur room and parlour) then after doing it you trow it away outside ur compound...the use the native kola to pray..wish yourself something good, after praying with the native kola u put it inside the bucket of water..then bring the Ahia nwadiba(the native grass showing on the video) put that two cowry inside the grass,(M
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In one of her posts, the controversial traditionalist can be seen standing amid a stream after having claimed she’s getting ready for her monthly sacrifice.

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