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Crayfish is one of the kinds of seafood that's embraced all over the world because of it's nutritional and health benefits.

Studies have shown that crayfish promotes a good body metabolism, good eyesight as well as regenerating body cells. If this seafood can do all this, why then neglect it. We have put together the nutrients you stand to gain when you add crayfish to your diets.

Here are the nutritional benefits of eating crayfish.

1. Contains Omega-3 fatty acid

Crayfish contains omega-3 fatty acid which promotes healthy skin by protecting the skin against UV rays from the sun. Thus, by consuming crayfish, this will help you to achieve the youth and beauty skin. Being a nice source of omega-3, crayfish improves the functioning of your brain.

2. Good source of protein

Crayfish is a good source of protein as the 5-ounce serving of crayfish contains close to 25 grams of protein. This essential nutrient helps to build body muscle. Moreover, protein in crayfish produces amino acids which also valuable to health.

3. Contains calcium and magnesium

Everyone wants healthy bones and why not? Due to the presence of calcium and phosphorus in crayfish, the health of your bones can be promoted. Calcium is the mineral that helps to strengthen the bone structure and density. The most impressive part is its ability to prevents the risks of osteoporosis. Thus, if you want to have healthy bones, you should add crayfish to your diet ASAP.

4. Contains sodium

sodium is very important for your health because a lack of it can lead to such side effects as diarrhea and confusion. Crayfish contain sodium which controls and balances the body fluids.

5. Source of Magnesium

Crayfish contains a lot of minerals. Magnesium takes an important role in promoting bone health and muscle. Magnesium is also important in relieving muscle aches and spasms. When you consume crayfish, you're open to this benefit.

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