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Kuany Kuany is not someone who is famous, yet. Right now, too many Nigerians, he is nothing more than some random Nigerian kid that lived in Australia for a while and now got into a school in the United States on a basketball scholarship. But to those who are professionals in the subject of determining who is going to be a star and who is not, Kuany Kuany is a name that has been heard and discussed for months and almost years now. So it is important that we discuss this kid, see where he came from and where he is going in order to understand what has helped him end up where he is and what where he might be headed in a couple of years. Why? Because many believe that soon enough this kid from Nigeria will be an NBA star on par with some of the greatest players in the world right now and in the past few decades. Understanding what makes him so will help Nigerians produce more of these people in the future and, conversely, become more famous over the years as the homeland of the best players in the world.

Early life and school 300

Kuany Kuany was born in Nigeria, and spent the first years of his life there. His family, after a few years, managed to emigrate to Australia, where the majority of this story takes place. Here he grew up as part of a local Nigerian community. While still little, he started playing basketball and kept enjoying the sport for many years since starting. Even in his teenage years when many of his friends were either learning how to party or how to play online casino games for real money, this boy spent most of his time practicing and playing his favorite game. As a result, he became known in the local circles as one of the better players. Soon, he would go on to become part of his local school’s basketball team and this is where he became better known over time. More and more people started keeping their eyes on him, seeing him become better and better at the game. He was better than his peers, way more advanced in his technique and in his physical ability and this got him noticed by his coach and a number of recruiters from around the world.
This was the result of his coach promoting him to the colleges from the United States, the ones that were looking for highly advanced players to recruit into their college teams. Kuany Kuany got dozens of recruitment requests, from dozens of colleges from all around the US, all of them hopeful that they could produce another NBA star in the near future. The offers kept coming and Kuany Kuany had to choose, and this all was only possible because his coach helped promote him to some of the most famous basketball programs in the world. After all of the recruiters got n touch with Kuany Kuany and made him their offers, the only thing left is for Kuany to decide where he wants to go. The many different benefits of the offers they have made to him will be the decisive aspect of the decision.

Offers from colleges

The offers that started coming in were numerous - Kuany Kuany was a little flooded. And it is not surprising. He is one of the best players in his age range around the world. With thousands of kids being surveyed to determine whether they are good players or not, he became one of the top candidates, and all thanks to the ability and proficiency he displayed in the game. He received many offers from recruiters, but in the end, he chose the final three to pick from. These three have some of the best basketball programs in the world, but they are also the ones that made the best offers. In the end, he decided to pick between University of California Berkeley, Washington State University and Nevada State University. All three are highly respected in what they offer to the students that go there, but even more so, they have some of the best basketball teams in the US, have become champions of the NCAA many times. They are also some of the richest schools, or at least schools that dedicate the most money to their basketball programs, which means they could make some rather amazing offers to Kuany Kuany. This goes beyond just a scholarship to go to school. It also includes some other benefits, although these offers are usually not disclosed by either side. Still, presents and otherwise benefits are usually involved.
In the end, Kuany Kuany decided to go to University of California Berkeley, and we cannot blame him. The fact that it is located in California - one of the most popular states for people to live in, as well as the fact that it is one of the best schools in the country both academically and in terms of what they offer in their basketball program, must have been the decisive factor in the end. The choice will result in some very exciting prospects for him in the future, as well as some very fun and interesting experiences while he goes to school.

Future prospects

So what does Kuany Kuany have in his future? Well, so far it is not easy to predict what Kuany Kuany will be encountering in his career, but judging by the experiences of the many basketball prodigies that came before him. Initially, he will probably end up with the rest of the rookies in his team, possibly staying on the sidelines and getting a few minutes of play. Although, depending on his performance, he might end up spending more and more time on the court itself. If he shows some outstanding plays, he will become the team regularly and be able to showcase all of his talents regularly in every game he plays in.

If he manages to train himself to become even better, and show that he is capable of performing on a level beyond simply college basketball, he might even get offered a chance to start his pro career early. There have been a number of players who started playing the game just around the time of their Sophomore and Junior years in college. Although to get the chance to move to the NBA, he will have to outperform many of his peers in the NCAA and bring his team victory through a lot of effort put into his games. Although, we are pretty confident that he might be capable of doing so, simply because we have seen how much he is capable of even in his high school years. Now, the only thing is, he has to make sure that his performance does not start declining throughout his college years. There have been many players who have gone to the US with high expectations and only ended up disappointing their coaches after drinking, partying and otherwise enjoying the college life a little too much. Although we are sure that Kuany Kuany will manage to avoid these temptations, just like he has managed to do s throughout his adolescent years in Australia.

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