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The Women’s world cup 2019 is fast approaching and the season for predictions is opening up for all of us. You will be seeing a whole bunch of predictions taking place all over the net, but what are the correct predictions and what can we expect from each group?

Today, we will be discussing the predictions for Group A. The group is composed of very interesting teams: France, South Korea, Norway and Nigeria.

All four of these teams have a good chance of qualifying out of the group, but what can we say about them?

According to Jacob Hanssen, leading specialist at sports odds division at Norskecasino.casino, France is the obvious favourite, as it is one of the best-ranked teams in the world. Norway and South Korea are similarly ranked and have a tight competition going on between the two of them. Nigeria is the worst ranked in the group, but we wouldn't be too hasty in saying that Nigeria will not be the qualifying team, as they do have a history of showing surprisingly good performance at points throughout their history. So let us get into the meat of the story and figure out what might be some of the reasons one of the teams might move on from the group and get closer to the World Cup.

The group works like this: Each team will be playing three games, one against each team in the group. Two teams with the highest points will advance to the knockout stage while the two with the lowest will be knocked out of the championship. The knockout stage will be deciding which team from the group will be moving on to the championship. If the teams end up being even by the end of the game, additional time will be added so that the decision can be made. Pretty simple right?

Well, the teams participating in the game have a history of playing against each other. Each of the teams has a good chance, but certain predictions regarding the actions and possible future of each team can be made. Let us see what teams are playing each other and when.

Game Breakdown

The first match will be between France and South Korea.

France is the number three ranked player in the world, while South Korea is somewhere in the tens. The French offensive power is well known in the entire league, but one thing that rivals their offensive ability in fame is the South Korean defensive ability in 2019. While most of the time people would be fast to conclude that the French will be easily winning this game, we are not sure this time about, expecting the South Korean defence to stand up well to the French.

The second match is between Norway and Nigeria.

These two teams have not missed too many championships in the past, with Norway women's national football team having 3 and Nigeria having 22 on their record. Whether one will knock the other out we cannot be sure, but we are sure the rivalry is there. Though one thing is sure: Norway is the favourite in this game.

The third match will be between Nigeria and South Korea.

This game will be an interesting one, even if the South Koreans are expected to win. Nigerians have been known to produce a good show of force when needed.

The fourth match will be between France and Norway.

The French team has been saying that this is the game they are most worried about. This is the 11th duel between the two teams and nobody can say for sure who will be winning. Norway has not missed a single championship since joining and has one Championship victory from 1995 under their belt. It seems this will be one of the highlight battles of the group.

The 5th battle will be between Nigeria and France.

Nigerian women's national football team has some very sour experiences of playing with France and will be looking to take revenge for previous losses. They might be in for a challenge though, as France is the favourite in this game. Still, we believe giving the underdog a chance might be a good idea for everyone.

The 6th and final battle will be between South Korea and Norway.

These two teams are currently evenly matched in terms of ranking and in terms of actual ability. This is the game where one of the teams will for sure be getting kicked out, so expect a lot of drama and a whole lot of adversity between the two. Still, this looks to be an interesting match without a clear winner in our minds right now. Though the famed South Korean defence might have something to say about that.

So far it looks like Group A will be full of some of the most dramatic games of the season. It might still be a little early to start making predictions as things might change in the half a year that we have to wait before we can see the games actually happen. Yet we cannot contain ourselves and have to make some preliminary predictions. We believe this will be one of the most interest groups to watch out for in the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

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