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I read you loud and clear. You do not have to be me. You will run risks. People will think you are crazy when you question foreign religions and their neocolonialistic ties as well as subtle racism.

As a Christian, I use to think Azubuike Okoronkwo was crazy. I mean it.

As a "born again Christian", I use to think and cry profusely that my mother, the most important person to me at time, would one day die and go to hell fire just because she was a Muslim.

I use to think Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was mad and would rot in hell.

I use to think that my brothers who were Muslim would die and go to hell fire. I use to think that my friend whose Dad was a traditionalist would die and go to hell with his sons, wives and children.

I use to fear for my childhood friends who were not born again that they will die and go to hell fire.

I will fast, pray and cry to Jesus to help me save them from the torment of eternal hell.

I loved my friends and family members that much.

How can you possibly blame me for holding such views?

As a child, I attended Arabic schools and our mucadam use to tell me that Christians were unbelievers. Then later I joined Christians, and the picture was repainted in a different way using different words to me that "you cannot see heaven unless you became a born a gain Christian. "

Then I started reading extensively. Then I started reading about slavery. Then I saw that Christian and Muslim leaders traded my ancestors. Then I grew up to know pastors and Imams who benefited tremendously from corruption in my country.

Then I saw that the more churches grew, the more thieves and fraudulent characters multiplied.

Then I discovered that the more we prayed and fasted for Nigeria, the more the issues remained.

Then I saw that other countries didn't have to pray for power supply, good healthcare services, good roads, schools and petrol.

Then I saw that pastors and imams were quick to talk about heaven after death whilst they gave their children the experience here on earth.

Then I learned a thing or two about hypocrisy.

Then I figured that it was all part of the plan.

A plan to leave my kind of people hopeless, inundated with low self esteem... oh NO. low Group Esteem I mean to say.

You see, a low Group Esteem is where a person may have a high sense of self but when placed in the midst of his type, he begins to feel like somthing is wrong with his people.

It is the reason brain drain is thriving without an aquate response... With poorer facilities back home and a general feel of inadequacy, Low Group Esteem will continuallly implant the idea that your kind can never make it just as it is with people or individuals with Low Self Esteem

You do not have to agree with me, but it actually started from foreign religious teachings and beliefs.

Immediately they successfully made us to believe that our cultural practices and beliefs are fetish, but theirs is direct entry to the kingdom of heaven, we lost the game.

The problem is not that we are not capable of great things. The problem is that our spirit, mind and soul has been captured by foreign God's and we have continued to remain mentally enslaved to foreign spiritual types.

It has been so for 400 years and counting. The solution to this problem is a Pan-African education that will first, among other things, seek to liberate the mind of the African child from the encumbrances of foreign religions. And then begin to teach them of their very origins.

As a Yoruba proverbs puts it: A river that forgets it's source will dry.

#panafricaneducation is the key!


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  1. Dear writer, what has your cultural belief ever achieved for you ? You forget how human sacrifice and other barbaric acts that were premised on these beliefs were stopped by the coming of Christianity .
    It is still these same beliefs that perpetuate ritual murders and dehumanising worship .

    Because people use the Gospel selfishly does not mean it's message is tainted .
    Christ came to reconcile and restore man to glory with God . If you understand that, then you will know you sit in glory when saved .

    When you come face to face with raw evil, I wonder who will be your salvation.


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