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The Federal Government has released a factsheet on attacks, killings by herdsmen in Benue, other states of the country saying that ‘insinuations and allegations that the attacks and killings were because President Muhammadu Buhari is Fulaniman are both unkind and incorrect”

The facesheet according to a release on the State House website titled ‘Factsheet: Federal Response to the Attacks and Killings by Herdsmen in Benue and other States’ stated that insinuations and allegations that attacks and killings are happening because President Buhari is Fulani are both unkind and incorrect as these attacks have been a longstanding issue, and successive governments have struggled to contain the situation and that the release further stated that the Buhari Administration is more than fully committed to bringing the cycle of violence to an end, prosecuting the attackers, and preventing further killings and attacks.

 And that the security agencies have standing instructions to arrest and prosecute any and all persons found with illegal arms.


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  1. Keep deceiving yourselves. Your act of deceptions will not work this time around.

  2. Unkind and incorrect indeed! Who are we deceiving? Is the president not showing sympathy to the herdsmen and their cattle more than he shows sympathy to the Tiv man? Are we not seeing more agitations for the comfort of the killer herdsmen and their cattle than the people of the middle belt and other communities attacked by the herdsmen? What has our government done? Our govt makes bold to stand and defend the rights of the herdsmen and agitate for more rights for them. The cattle must be protected above the lives of innocent struggling farmers and people of the Benue. Weldone! Very soon, all this will be over. What has the president done to vehemently oppose the actions of the herdsmen? Is it because of th cattle Mr president wants to declare as asset in the future that he wud allow this ethnic cleansing without condemnation in strong terms? Does it mean our sovereignty with which a country can protect the territorial integrity of its people cannot be borrowed from to protect people of Benue? But we can start and end operation python dance over a nation with lawful worldwide recognised agitations. What we do is lebel them terrorist. Yet the fulani herdsmen get patted on the back for a job well-done. Yet it is unkind and incorrect to say....... Let's beta be truthful readers! At least to ourselves. One thing I know, God is watching and God will arise. Nigeria will be great again. God bless Nigeria!!

  3. Buhari please deploy the full weight of Nigeria armed forces to these areas being attacked by your fulani terrorist brothers and declare operation cattle dance against them. Your inability to handle the situation as you declared death against IPOB peaceful protest a while ago shows one thing and one thing only; that you are not against the dastardly act of those fulani barbarians

  4. For the president to keep silent on issues like this is wickedness of the highest order. The simple interpretation of the president's inability to take action on this matter simply means he is delighted or derives pleasure in the havoc his kinsmen are unleashing on the other tribes in the country.

    Anyway, the governor is to be blamed. Since the president has turned deaf ears to this nasty behaviour of his kinsmen, either secretly or openly, the governor should armed his people and in addition hire militants, mercenaries and assign them the task to kill any herdsman and his cows found in the prohibited area in your state. Declare any cow found in farmlands bush meat/pests.


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