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Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze has again attacked Nigerian pastors. This time around, he said most pastors are into the work of God because of the money involved.
According to him, Nigerian pastors left their professions because they can’t earn as much unlike in the ministry .

In a video shared on Youtube, he said, “There are many fake pastors because of monetization; that pastor who cursed me is an architect, the one at BankyW’s wedding is a doctor.

“Many of them are leaving profitable field because ministry is a more profitable field.

“Monetization has made fake pastors come into two fold, it has made real pastors preach false messages.

“Every doctrine in Nigeria has been monetized, you hear pastors say this year you will find your ‘apollos’

“Apollos in the Bible was increase in word of God not referring to sowing, Matthew 13;7 this verse speaks of seed of faith not money; those that twist this to you are thieves. There’s nothing spiritual about those criticizing me, the only spirituality in them is the ability to twist your brain.

OAP Freeze also countered speaking in tongues in Nigerian Pentecostal churches, describing it as fake .

He added, “Speaking in tongues in Nigeria Pentecostal churches is fake but speaking in tongues is not fake.

“When speaking in tongues, you should speak in languages not in tongues that no one can understand.

1cor 14:26-28; someone must interpret tongues…There is no speaking in tongues without an interpreter

“Interpretation of tongues is missing in today’s pentecostal churches , if anyone speaks in tongues one or two should speak in tongues one at a time not multitude.That is falsehood

1cor 14:23 is what pastors used to confuse you, they tell you tongues is an unknown language which carnal mind cannot understand.
Everyone speaking in tongues in the church is false because it is a gift that everyone does not receive.

“I’m a preacher that speaks from history and bible not sentiments like others; that’s why I can’t say God told me to pay titheS like they say.

“I would tell you what God kept in bible not what God told me.”


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  1. You are going off points now. You were earlier right with the issue you raise on tight but this issue you are raising on speaking in tongue is off point. Don't quote the bible out of context. Go and do a proper research on speaking in tongue in the bible.

  2. Honestly, I'm almost taking Daddy Freeze serous before, but in this case, he has no point at all to offer the Christians, because i'm a living witness of how i have an encounter with the Holy Spirit, my experience of how i spoke in unknown tongue, some years back, i was very young and i just finished my secondary school, i went to a church at Mandala at Abuja i.e Assembles of God Church then, but now worshiping in Redeem, I got baptized with the Holy Ghost, i felt the presence of the Holy spirit for the first time in my life and it was a great experienced without anybody pushing me nor touched me, i did not have any knowledge about it Holy Spirit, a church goer for that matter, I only see people shaking mouth, speaking unknown language and I opened my eyes just looking everybody around, but all of a sudden from no where i felt the power of the Holy Spirit hit me hard and knock me on the ground and i began to speak in tongue with my hands vibrating seriously infact till date i still wonder in my heart what happened to me then was too natural experience, till i die i will never forget my encounter with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is real but I don't know the experience of others, that is why I believe God is real in His existence although we may not see Him physically but God and Holy Spirit exist. Daddy Freeze, i disagree with you on this seriously, because people who have real encounter with the Holy Spirit will not take you serious at all, let God be the judge and stop persecuting the church of God for Christ sake Thank you.

  3. U guy are fake. Which Holy Spirit u encountered that will alter what the Bible Says. Daddy freeze is saying the truth. Check the history of speaking in tongues. It was first recorded in the day of Pentecost. There the Disciples spoke in different tongues and people from diverse culture and languages heard their mother tongue be spoken.


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