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Ace drama minister and founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministry, Mike Bamiloye has opened up on the controversy trailing the payment of tithes among church members.

Bamiloye was apparently responding to the recent attack on Nigerian pastor by ace AOP, Daddy Freeze, who accused men of God of robbing the poor to get rich in the name of tithing.

Airing his views on the controversy, theAgbara Nla producer said he saw nothing wrong with the practice of tithing.

He said, “I am an Evangelist. I believe strongly in tithes and giving offerings as God commanded in Malachi 3:10.

“I have believed and practice this for more than 35 years. I pay tithes. My Ministry pay tithes.

“On many occasions, we had laid all we had on the Altar before God. On some Occasions we had emptied our accounts and laid all before the Lord in obedience to His specific command and in appreciation of His goodness.

“We believe heavily in tithes and offering, and also in the Biblical Principle of first fruits .

“I have seen marvelous Wonders of God at home and on evangelistic fields as I held on to the Biblical Doctrine of Tithes and Offerings, Sowing and Harvesting. I have been on this for more than 30 years in ministry.

“I pay my tithes and I give my offerings as instructed by god.
but it is never and can never be my business, whatever the tithes and offerings are used for.

“I have given the Tithes and Offerings to God and It is no longer in my care. It is God’s Business to determine if it is well used or not. Not Mine.

“Are you waiting for me to defend my Belief on Tithes from the Bible? What Do I need to defend again, when I saw it in the Bible, even if it is One Verse.

“Now, let me show you the Verses of the Word of God that I follow:

“I am not a Theologian, and I do not need many Verses from the Bible to know what to do. I am an Evangelist. So, do not wait for me to now begin to table before you a an argumentative Bible Study.

“And it is God I have given my tithes, because he said, it is him i have robbed if I don’t pay the tithes into his house.

“Therefore, I have no problem with any pastor or church the lord leads me to pay my tithes.”

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  1. Tithing is biblical BUT IT IS NOT FOR CHRISTIANS. Christians should not give or receive tithes. It is not everything that is written in the Bible that we Christians must or should practice. Old testament law was not a universal law. It was strictly given to the Jews alone. It was not applicable to the children Abraham had from other women. Apart from the mother of Ishmael, Abraham also had children from other women after Sarah had died. The law was given to the descendants of Abraham and Sarah:just as we say God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. It was the descendants of Jacob that God gave the laws to in the old testament. Not to any other nations or people that existed at that time. God had no business or relationship with every other human beings that existed at that time but only the Jews. So Abraham's descendants from other women had nothing to do with the old testament laws. Likewise, other people that existed at that time had nothing to do with the old testament laws. So they did not give tithes. Jesus came to fulfil the requirement of the law which is DEATH. After that he rose and brought in WE THE GENTILES (people that had no relationship with God before) now close to God. Is it for us to continue in laws that were given to the Jews before? No. It's grace! And only grace that is our portion.For by grace we are saved. Is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ a continuation of the law given to the Jews by God through Moses? Absolutely NOT! The law has been put aside and replaced by grace. Grace is a new order entirely different from the law and independent of the law. In Jesus law was put to an end by his death. In resurrected Christ Jesus grace was given to the world. Tithe is of the law NOT grace. Tithes were given by other tribes of descendants of Jacob to the Levi and Aaronic priesthoods. But Jesus the lion of the tribe of Judah came from the tribe of Judah. By the law itself Jesus is not even qualified to received tithes because he was not a Levi nor a descendant of Aaron. (So how can Nigerian pastors be "qualified" to receive tithes? Are they Levites? No. Are they descendants of Aron? No). By the emergence of Jesus from the tribe of Judah, he has put an end to the levitical/Aaronic priesthood and established a completely new dispensation of grace (not law again, including that of tithes).But when Nigerian pastors receive tithes, what it means is that they are resurrecting the levitical and Aaronic priesthoods, which the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ had already put an end to. Their actions can be described as an act of anti-Christ, anti-gospel, anti-grace. In conclusion we Christians are not under the law of tithes rather we are members of the body of Christ. His church. People that received the law, gave and received tithes were JEWS ONLY NOT THE ENTIRE WORLD. But Jesus Christ has raised his church (we Christians) from different parts of the world in the dispensation of grace. Please read more about why Christian should not give and receive tithes in the books titled 1. Tithing and Christianity 2. Pentecostalism in chains by Professor (Pastor) John Moyibi Amoda of Gospel Intercessory Mission, 7 Deji Odunuga street, Anthony, Lagos. I'm David

    1. @David no mind the crooks that are duping the gullible poor to become rich.
      Posterity will certainly judge these crooks. He who have hear let him hear.

    2. @David no mind the crooks that are duping the gullible poor to become rich.
      Posterity will certainly judge these crooks. He who have hear let him hear.

  2. David you are right. Pastors goes straight to Malachi 3:10 to confused the congregation without started from where tithing begins or the origin of tithing. The Pastors claims to be the Levite and the priests at the same time door the purposes of enrichment. The Nigeria Pastors are Levite now.
    And again tithes were never made to be money, and monthly or every Sunday. Our modern way of tithing is not the way it was stated in the bible. That's enrichment to me. We all know that Bible says it's difficult for a Rich man to go to heaven and if you're a pastor and you are rich and plus those that has private jets, you KNOW it's not possible that they will make heaven because the have chosen to be rich on earth.

  3. 21 Richest Pastors in the World
    1) Eric Macedo $1.1b Brazilian
    2) Keneth Copeland $760m American
    3) Pat Robertson $500m American
    4) George Foreman $250m American
    5) David Oyedepo $150m Nigerian
    6) E A Adeboye $130m Nigerian
    7) Ayo Oritsejafor $120m
    8) Hebert Angel $60m Zimbabwean
    9) Chris Oyakilome $50m Nigerian
    10) Benny Hinn $42m Israeli
    11) Joel Osteen $40m American
    12) Tshifhwa Irene $35m South African
    13) Ray McCauley $30m South African
    14)Creflow Dollar $27m American
    15 ) Billy Graham $25m American TV star
    16) Rich Warren $25m American
    17) T D Jakes $18m American
    18) T B Joshua $15m Nigerian
    19) Mathew Ashimolowo $10m Nigerian
    20) Juanita Bynum $10m Kenyan
    21) Chris Okotie $10m Nigerian
    Compare these with Leaders of Other Churches and their Personal Wealth:

    Pope Francis $0 ( Catholic)
    Justin Welby $0 ( Anglican)
    All other Leaders of Orthodox Churches have, at most, one home where they live , except Pope Francis who has no personal home .

    Source: Forbes List

  4. But no be by force nah. If you like pay tithes if you like no pay. What you do with your money is none of my business and vice versa

  5. You people are criticizing as if you too love the poor, bunch of hypocrites.


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