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Bola Tinubu has said the Goodluck Jonathan administration won a gold medal in corruption.

Tinubu said this on Thursday during a book presentation in Abuja. According to him: “The prior government used the public treasury as a private hedge fund or a charity that limited its giving only to themselves. So much money grew feet and ran away faster than Usain Bolt ever could. .

That which could have been spent on national development was squandered in ways that would cause the devil to blush. One minister and her rogues’ gallery picked the pocket of this nation for billions of dollars. .

While poor at governance, these people could give a master thief lessons in the sleight of hand. In governance, they earned a red card but in corruption, they won the gold medal. .

It was not that our institutions had become infected by corruption. Corruption has become institutionalized. We have much to do to combat this disease. Not only must we track down the takers.

In the long term, we must review the salaries of public servants and create universal credits for our people to reduce temptation. Before this government came into being, Boko Haram wreaked havoc on a daily basis. .

They hoisted their dreadful flag. Today, that evil flag is not planted over an inch of our precious land. This violent scourge recedes into the darkened shadows of inhumanity from whence it came. .

People once under its horrid dominion now breathe the air of freedom and safety. Boko Haram has not been completely defeated. But there is no question, that it has been decimated and made shorter and weaker.

This is no accident. It is the result of the policies and commitment of President Buhari, his government and the men and women of our armed forces who place their lives on the line in silent heroism to protect this nation and its people.

Had the previous government remained in place, Boko Haram would have surely eaten more territory and devoured more people. This nation might have indeed been divided and cut asunder, not by choice but by the knife of terrorism."


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  1. APC has warn 16 golden medals in lies and propaganda while in office, who knows how many to come before the end of the tenure

  2. but the results are there except you don't want to say the truth

  3. APC in lest than 3 years won the award as the world best Liars and world most corrupt party.
    If Buhari is really fighting corruption,you Tinubu you are suppose to be in prison by now. You are a first class thief that stool every part of Lagos. Go and look at you Code of conduct form before you became governor of lagos state and today,you own all the fist class properties in Lagos,Dubia,Uk,South Africa,US etc. You won the most corrupt governor in your time ever in the universe.

  4. This old thief won bring he self out now. APC All Past Criminals. Asiwaju you are the most corrupt politician in Nigeria,dont worry all your time will soon expire. Birds of same feather like PMB

  5. Where are the results ,A p c has destroyed this nation.

  6. But your Apc destroyed Nigeria within one year. Govt of lies and nepotism.

  7. See tinubu talking of corruption. After Dangote family in Nigeria tinubu is the next money mugu. Where did he get the money from? From palm wine or from sales of Amaka?

  8. Why did our past Leaders causing problems in this Country? Is this not provocative in nature to the person of GEJ and the entire Niger Delta?This is an insult, although is good for the Igbos and the entire Niger Deltans.

  9. Jonathan didn't win gold medal, rather he is the all time leading winner in the world..he should be crowned the LOOTEST LOOTER in the world..God saved Nigeria from madness..Baba keep riding..

  10. It is nothing but the truth and only the truth PDP have squandered Nigerian treasury point blank


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