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The controversy surrounding tithing seems not to be over as Nigerian rapper, Lanre Dabiri, ‘Eldee’ has asked Nigerian pastors to provide Bible verses backing tithing.

The rapper says Pastors have failed to convince Nigerians why tithe is mandatory unlike OAP Freeze who has supported his preaching with scriptures.

According to him, no pastor including G.O Adeboye has been able to give a scriptural backing on where God mandated tithing.

“Freeze has asked Nigerian pastors to come and explain where in the bible God mandated tithing and not a single one has been able to respond with scripture not even the all time tithing collection Grandmaster G.O

“If you’re christian when you get to church this Sunday beg your pastor to please help shut Mr Freeze up by sharing the bible verses where God mandated Tithing.

“We are all curious now,” Eldee wrote on his snapchat page.

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  1. No serious G. O. will respond to this kind of distractive question from Eldee- No- not G. O. Papa Adeboye. If he had asked how he can be saved and live a life that will take him to the kingdom of God, I am sure not only G O papa Adeboye, but several other men of God would have made their inputs. The most important thing is salvation. kindly ask Eldee if he has accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour and now have a father son relationship with God then I will Give him Bible references concerning Tithing. The Bible references I will give him will cover- Before the law (Mosic law), during the law (Mosic law), during the prophets and new testament (Our Lord Jesus). I am waiting for his response so that we can put this basic Bible ordinance in its right position before he deceive those faithful tithers from obeying God.

  2. For the sake of the readers, here are some bibles references:
    Genesis 14 vs 20
    Genesis 28 vs 22
    Numbers 18 vs 21, 24 and 26
    Leviticus 27 vs 30 – 34
    Deuteronomy 12 vs 6
    Deuteronomy 14 vs 22, 23, 28 and 29
    2 chronicles 31 vs 10 – 12
    Nehemiah 10 vs 37 and 38
    Nehemiah 13 vs 8 – 12
    Proverbs 3 vs 9
    Malachi 3 vs 8 – 12
    Hebrew 7 vs 4 - 9
    Hear what our Lord Jesus Christ (the final authority) said in Matthew 23 vs 23:
    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier [matters] of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other (that is paying of tithes) undone.
    What Christ said here is that, the most important aspect of the Law (commandments) are:
    Judgment (that is the judgment of God that will come upon unrepentant sinners both here on earth and also in eternity),
    Mercy (that is the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world Titus 2 vs 11 and 12)
    Faith (without faith, it is impossible to please God).
    These (Judgment, Mercy and Faith) ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other (paying of tithes) undone.
    Jesus- our Lord and savior encouraged paying of tithes but not at the expense of our salvation which settles the issue of Judgment, mercy and faith.
    The fact is that if you are not born again (that is, if your spirit is not bearing you witness that you are a child of God) you are not qualified to pay tithes and offering.
    This commandment is strictly for the Israelites. We Christians (Believers) are Israelites by adoption (that is salvation through Christ).
    The problem we have in our generation is that many Preachers have abandoned the weightier matter of the law and all they are after now is tithes and offerings. They are not worried about the souls of their members.
    Your soul is much more important than tithes and offerings. Therefore, you must be born again there after you can now pay your tithes and offerings.
    Do not allow any so call man of God to deceive you that your tithes and offerings qualify you for God’s Kingdom. Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ is the only condition.

    Please read your BIBLE

    Thank you.

  3. Mr oloyechaba, so wot is d essence of christ sacrificial death then? Did Jesus or any of the desciples Paid thith? And after d death of Jesus,and wen Christianity started in full gear, did any of the early xtians or Jesus surviving Apostles pay or mandated thithing? Give accordin to ur means from ur heart was the policy. Thithing was meant for the Levites who performed the temple duties before d death of Jesus christ. And afta His death,no need to make animal sacrifices again. So tel mi wot that thithing Paid nwadays are meant for? To appear in d Forbes list of the richest pastors in the world? Dont be a gullible! Rember,even the Apostle Paul had a Personal work as a tent maker,and ws never a burden to the congregations - unlike our so called pastors and Go's. And non of them has done nothing compare to the Paul in terms of disciple-making work. Or did yu not read wot he suffered/passed tru for the sake of Christ in ur Bible? He never accumulated wealth for himself - takin advantage of thithing ooo! In fact, he saw all these wealth as bunch of refused. So ask ur pastor or GO if he sees these as refuse. And stop defending their heartlessness/selfishness+greed. Read ur Bible well. And dont see dem as small God. Cos i really dont see any reason why non of them could xplain convincingly frm the Bible to the general public, Thithing issue. Cos their hands are soo dirty! Wish yu well!

  4. Are they gods that u now become their spokesperson? If their hands are not dirty, xplicit detailed xplanations is just wot is needed from the Bible to the popullace. We are no longer daft or gullible. They shud be more humble like Jesus to xplain things. But nw reverse is d case. I wonder oooo!


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