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Oby Ezekwesili, a former minister of education, has hit back at Garba Shehu, a presidential spokesman, for accusing her of “playing to the gallery” on the issue of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

On Thursday, she had criticised the Nigerian army’s ongoing Operation Python Dance II in the south-east, warning President Muhammadu Buhari not to alienate the entire Igbo race through the military exercise.

Shehu had in response accused her of turning a blind eye to the “lawless” activities of IPOB. (read here)

But Ezekwesili fired back at him shortly afterwards, describing him as “model of incompetence”.

In a series of tweets via her Twitter handle, the social activist wrote: “Garba Shehu? Slam? For where! Garba Shehu’s incompetency is legendary. ‘Presidential Spokesman’. Model of Incompetency.

“Shehu see, your predecessor once called me and others ‘psychological terrorists’ for asking their government to lead!

“To a very incompetent fellow like Shehu, asking his principal to arise and lead in time of crisis is ‘pettiness.’

“A man like Shehu cannot give what he does not have.”

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  1. Yes truly,He is a duller

  2. It's very unfortunate that our leaders are all hypocrites. Oby or whatever she calls herself should have responded to issues raised by Shehu rather than insulting and calling him names. Where was her voice when Kanu was flouting all his bail conditions? Maybe she had catarrh or better still her twitter handle was hacked, (smiles),does her response depicts competence and intelligence? Maybe it does to her. Let me clearly state here that I am not in support of the activities of operation python dance, as a fact, pythons don't leave with humans in towns therefore if pythons want to display their dancing skills they should go back to the forest where they belong. All I am saying is that our leaders need to be leaders in the true sense of the word, devoid of ethnic or regional sentiments. This hypocrisy will do us no good. They should do the needful not only when it's convenient for them but at all times.

    1. What nonsense bail condition are you talking. Is it lawful? Go and read Africa human right charter. Kanu has not born arms or killed a single soul. Only tell those that care to listen because I don't that they will have Biafra. Who advises this government. That person must be a block head. No python danced when 1000 persons were killed in southern Kaduna and agatu. You are the hypocrite for even a stint of justification of this military show of shame.

    2. I think you need to go and read, Kanu was granted bail by the court under certain conditions, did he abide by them?? Where was Oby when all these were happening?? Did she speak or twitted about it? All I am saying is we should not be selective in our responses when it come to issues of national interest, we should not only shout when we feel we can gain political points.

  3. Your comments about oby is not acceptable. Why has government not look into what kanu is saying. Is there anything bad for a country to carry out a referendum. Is there anything bad for a country to restructure. The present constitution is not from the people of Nigerian. It's does not for opportunities for people. Some people are not happy with this forced marriage. God bless anyone that conduct a referendum.

    1. You are missing the point, the matured thing for Oby to do was to respond to the issues Shehu raised, is as straightforward as that but what did she do instead?? She insulted and call him names, that to me is not a civilised way of making an argument. Oby condemned the government for its action ( of which I absolutely agree with her), Shehu on the other hand responded to Oby's concerns by asking her pertinent questions but unfortunately instead of Oby to answer responsibly,she called Shehu names. It's hypocritical and the most in matured way of conveying your concerns.


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