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Are you traveling to Nigeria anytime soon? Think again because there have been recent terrorist attacks which left people shocked and fearful. Most of the terrorist attacks take place in the Northern region. 

The terrorists usually target public places where a huge number of foreign tourists is gathered. Tourists are afraid to go to shopping arcades, public buildings, crowded places and transport terminals because there is a fear that a bomb will be hidden somewhere. 

The terrorists plant a bomb near religious centers as well. In a nutshell, the condition is not praiseworthy. What is the reason behind all the violence? Can we blame religion for this? Ethnic crisis in Nigeria has become a threat to the common people and tourists.  If you have struggled with studies on similar topics, check out the best essay writing service in Canada to find the way out.


The Terror Years
Over the past few years, the tourists and residents have witnessed many terrorist attacks. In December 2016, two suicide bombers attacked Madagali at Borno State. 57 people were killed, and many were left injured. 

In January 2016, Boko Haram attacked Dalori Village. The attack killed 86 people and left almost 100 people injured. In June 2014, an explosion in Apapa area killed five people. In August 2011, Boko Haram attacked the United Nations building in which 23 people got killed. What was the fault of the innocent people? The religious groups in Nigeria possess a lot of anger inside them. The method of attacks includes suicide bombings, fire bombings, and armed assaults.

The Trouble of Terrorist Kidnap
 There was news that Boko Haram and Ansaru have plans to kidnap tourists. The areas where terrorist activities are present are north-east Nigeria and north region. If you are planning to travel to Nigeria, you should be watchful of not going to areas of Boko Haram’s occupancy. 

If you are wondering what Boko Haram is, you will not be pleased to read about them. It is an Islamic extremist group which carries out terrorist activities. The group refers to themselves as, ‘Group of the people of Sunnah.’ They are strict followers of the Islamic religion. 

The presence is strong in Northeast Nigeria, and so, you must avoid this area because there have been a lot of terror attacks. The group has been ranked as the world’s deadliest terror group. There is a state of religious crisis in Nigeria and coming in contact with Boko Haram is like inviting death. 

This is a religious group which advocates a strict form of Sharia law. The Ansaru Group is also a terror group based in Northern Nigeria. They emerged in the year 2002, and they are known for killing hostages. These hostages are mainly Europeans.

Terrorism Prevention Act
There are different methods of execution in Nigeria such as –
  • ·    Stoning
  • ·    Hanging
  • ·    Shooting
  • ·    Comments

What is considered terrorism in Nigeria? When a person knowingly does, threatens or attempts to kill another person or assists someone, who performs acts of terrorism. Anybody who harms the country in any way whether it is the government properties or kidnapping people, it comes under terrorism. 
The Nigeria religion is considered to be strict and orthodox. The two terror groups have made it difficult for the tourists and residents to live in peace. There is still a crisis in Nigeria which makes it a very unsafe place to travel to.  In the year 2013, the Senate gave a green signal for death penalty for terrorists.

What about law enforcement?

In the month of June, terrorist attacks took place in Chibok which killed nearly 21 persons. The location is secluded and inside a bush. The Boko Haram members started firing at people in the village, and now, nothing is left. Boko Haram basically means western education is forbidden. The group is a serious threat to the society, and the Government has not been able to save ten thousand innocent people, who were killed. Nigeria politics has failed the residents of its nation. 

The residents constantly live in fear, and the country has lost the scope of improving the tourism sector. The government has failed to protect its people. There are acts but are they doing any good to the nation? What about law enforcement? What about the lives of people, who got killed without any reason? Nobody has the answer. Boko Haram terror shall remain. 

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  1. This is where terrorist lives still they are attacking innocent people in the name of terrorist ..this is where operation python dance supposed to take place.

  2. Operation Python dance is a military exercise. It is not carried out not not to attack anyone.But be rest assured that if anyone brakes the law or tries prevent them in the course of their exercise, the person will be dealt with decisively.Period.

  3. Python dance indeed, right timing.... Herdsmen are there maiming,raping and killing innocent citizens and yet we did not deem it fit for any dance mtchew


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